Paris Hilton Flaunts a Bedazzled Face Mask, Leaving People Question the Purpose of Wearing a Mask

Bedazzled Face Mask

Paris Hilton is in facing a huge sarcasm from people for wearing a bedazzled face mask that goes perfectly well with her dress. But somehow this beautiful mask denies the whole purpose of wearing a mask in the first place.

The 39 years old celebrity was wearing a lacy white dress while visiting Madeo restaurant in Los Angeles to meet her boyfriend Carter Reum with some other friends. She was also wearing matching heels and a bag. However, her mask caught more attention than her entire outfit because it was a fashionable, rhinestone loaded mesh mask that merely serves as an accessory.

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A mask with multiple holes eventually became the center of attention and people were curious to discuss how she expects this mask to save her from the virus. However, there is no information on whether there was a lining under this mask for actual protection or not.

As soon as the pictures of the bedazzled mask reached social media, people began to question Paris’s choices. They called this mask ‘rubbish’ and ‘useless against the virus’ but perfect for grabbing the attention.

Some people also requested people around her to tell Paris that this fashionable face mask wouldn’t help her at all. It is more of an accessory than actual medical-grade protection.

Many people found this mask to be the absolute “pointless” and “stupid” thing to do while the whole world is suffering from a deadly pandemic.

Paris Hilton has recently launched her signature face mask line at Paris Hilton Merch Store. Right now there are eight types of masks from which people can choose to buy any.

Each one of these masks has an imprint of Paris’s famous phrases that went viral. This Top of this list is “Sliving” which actually means ‘slaying’ and ‘living’ in the same word. Other phrases include “Loves It,” and “That’s Hot”, two of her famous catchphrases.

There is still a lot of confusion about wearing a mask and choosing the right type of face mask. Although most of the health experts are now on one same page on which type of masks are best to protect from coronavirus, public awareness is still in process.

CDC advises people to use a face mask to cover their nose and mouth both. Even a cloth mask would work for this setting. It is to protect all people around a person who may become infected from him.

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Using a protective face mask not only provides protection from coronavirus but also from flu, whooping cough, and even pneumonia.

Many medical experts believe that face mask should be a part of life even if this pandemic is over. Probably it is the right time to embrace them as a source of protection for yourself and everyone around you.

Considering the significance of the face mask, Paris’s bedazzled face mask looks more of a fashion trend. No one should follow it as a part of protective self-care while going out. But as a fashion accessory, it may become a new trend in a few weeks.



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