Surprising Health Benefits of Raw Honey

health benefits of honey
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The most common use of raw honey is as a natural sweetener in tea and beverages. However, many people are not aware of the health benefits of honey. From curing a sore throat to calming the skin, it has several topical and therapeutic uses as well. Honey has the properties to cure minor injuries on the skin or burns. Also, it soothes dry and dehydrated skin. Moreover, one spoon of honey every day can make your body happy and healthy. 

Honey consists of a variety of minerals and vitamins essential for the body. Also, it consists of antioxidants that defend the body along with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

According to research, honey also can lower the risk of heart disease, improve the level of healthy cholesterol in the body, and lower the level of sugar in the blood. The anti-inflammatory mechanism of honey reduces the C- reactive proteins in the body which lowers the risk of cardiovascular failure. 

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Other health benefits of honey include the antibacterial properties which help counter a sore throat. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties help act as a cough suppressant in people of all age groups. Honey is also a major component of lozenges used to heal and soothe a sore throat. 

Apart from soothing and fighting bacteria, there are several topical health benefits of honey as well. Honey contains a high level of hydrogen peroxide which helps treat any burns or infection in the skin. Moreover, honey can also treat the infected sites after surgeries. 

Some people also use this natural moisturizer to heal dehydrated or eczema-prone skin. It can also heal skin conditions such as psoriasis due to its multitude of benefits for the skin. 

Raw honey also has a variety of neurological health benefits due to the anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. Honey acts as an anticonvulsant to improve neurological health. Moreover, it can ain improving the memory function of the brain as well. 

The antibacterial properties of honey also aid in improving gastrointestinal health. It can help ease stomach ulcers, acid reflux, overall digestion, and diarrhea as well. The antibacterial benefits also help maintain oral hygiene and kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. It also helps prevent tooth decay, inflammation in the gums, gingivitis, and plaque. Also, honey is a healthier alternative to sugar which means that the teeth will remain healthy without decay. 

Nowadays, most people get store-bought honey instead of raw honey because it is more easily accessible. However, store-bought honey is processed through different levels and does not offer as many health benefits as raw honey that comes straight from a honeycomb. The elaborate processing destroys most of the health benefits including the natural antioxidant and nutrients. However, it can still act as an alternative to sugar and help soothe the throat. 

Sometimes, companies also add some ingredients that defy the purpose of honey. Many store-bought honey products include artificial sweeteners and corn syrup. Always check the ingredients list before purchasing honey from a store. Also, only buy the product that indicates honey as the only ingredient. 


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