Canadian Resident Tested Positive For Lyme Disease

lyme disease

Lyme disease is a rare disease in humans but it recently started to travel to new regions across the world. As a result, the cases of this disease come up more frequently which alarmed the health experts. Recently, one such case appeared in Manitoulin District in Canada where an adult tested positive for the disease. 

According to the report by the Public Health Sudbury & Districts, they received the laboratory results of the adult who contracted the disease. The health unit said that there are rare cases of people getting this disease. However, they should try to stay cautious and protect themselves during their time outdoors. 

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The bacteria responsible for Lyme disease infects and ticks and transfers to humans through these tiny insects. Even though this breed of ticks usually does not exist in this region, it started to appear in recent years. The Public health department mentioned that these ticks usually exist in rural areas including Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River, Lake Superior, and Lake Erie. 

Adam Ranger, the environmental support officer at the Public Health Sudbury & Districts said that people should stay careful of these ticks during their time outdoors. They should also check for them after they spend time hiking or tending their garden. It is one of the easiest and essential ways to prevent tick-borne diseases. 

The breed of ticks infected with Lyme disease is the black-legged ticks. These ticks are unable to fly and can not jump to crawl on the body of a human. They only stay in long grass or bushed and wait for a human or animal to brush through the area. Also, these insects have different sizes and are often unnoticeable. 

Some of the ways to prevent tick bites include:

  • Keep the yards and garden clean to avoid the formation of habitat for ticks. Also, cut the grass regularly and keep the growth of vegetation in check. 
  • Place bird feeders away from your residence and do not keep woodpiles near your living space. 
  • Wear clothing that covers your arms and legs to avoid tick bites. Also, wear light-colored fabrics so you can spot any ticks easily. 
  • Insect repellents can also help keep these tiny insects away. 
  • Wash after spending time outdoors to remove any ticks attached to your skin or clothes. 

Lyme disease is a serious health issue that can cause several complications if left untreated. It affects the joints heart and nervous system. 

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Most of the time, a tick bite leaves a red mark or a rash that you can identify. The other symptoms of this tick-borne disease include fatigue, headache, and fever. It can also cause swollen glands, stiff neck, joint, and muscle pain. 

It is advisable to contact your health care provider in case you observe any of these symptoms. The population of ticks grows immensely during the summer month which increases the risk of contracting this disease. Hence, it is recommended to take necessary precautions to avoid tick bites. 

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