Trump Says Coronavirus Will Disappear on Its Own Without a Medicine

The US currently has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the World with 2.7 million confirmed infections and a death toll of 128,000. Ever since the first case of coronavirus in the US appeared five months ago, there has not been a decline and the numbers keep growing in nearly all states.

On 1st July, the US set a record-breaking high of fifty-two thousand new infections diagnosed in a single day only a few days after forty-four thousand cases were reported on Tuesday.

The country has set a new record every day of this week which explains why many state governments have decided to pause their reopening plans after the Senate hearing on coronavirus progress at the start of the week.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the Trump administration has received severe backlash and criticism from the medical community as well as the general public on a lack of quick and effective action for handling the health crisis.

As the crisis further worsened, Trump was seen giving dangerous advice such as injecting household disinfectants or taking hydroxychloroquine, a drug known to cause heart-related conditions and worsen COVID-19.

In fact, the president was seen breaking basic coronavirus protocols such as wearing a mask in some instances including his visit to the Ford factory. Several prominent health officials have criticized Trump’s own behavior during the pandemic.

More recently, the newest criticism on the president is based on his lack of comments or absolute denial of the worsening conditions of the pandemic.

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In an interview with Blake Burman on Fox Businesses, Trump has reportedly stated that he thinks that the coronavirus will ‘just disappear’. More specifically, he said “I think we’re gonna be very good with the coronavirus. I think that at some point that’s going to, sort of, just disappear, I hope,”

The current conditions of coronavirus in the US clearly show that the virus is not going anywhere anytime soon or perhaps even for several months.

However, Trump continues to stick to his sentiment, which he also shared back at the starting of the pandemic. In the month of February, Trump specifically stated that coronavirus in the US is under control and is likely to disappear in April.

The White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, has also supported the president and added to his comment, saying The president is confident that it will disappear. We’re aware that there are embers in the country, we’re aware that there are places with rising cases.”

Both of the statements contradict the reality of many states. As many as eight US states are having a surge of coronavirus cases which can be extremely difficult to control.

This is why reopening plans have been changed and many local governments are re-imposing lockdowns. However, President Trump along with state governors have stated that the rise in numbers of coronavirus cases is simply due to an increase in testing.

While many state governments have indeed increased testing, it is not the only factor in the diagnosis of more infections. Hospitals in many states are struggling to accommodate new patients, which clearly shows that the infection is actually spreading at a very fast rate.

The city of Houston in Texas is the first one to announce that ICU space is no longer available in any of its hospitals.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is one of the leading health professionals of the country and member of the White House coronavirus task force says that there is an urgent need for intervention for coronavirus in the US.

Without appropriate measures and intervention, the pandemic is likely to worsen in a very short span of time.

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