What To Know About The New Mu Covid-19 Variant?

Mu Covid-19 Variant

A new covid-19 strain is in limelight these days and health experts have termed it ‘Mu’, a dangerous variant, that is behind most positive cases these days. According to the experts, there are high chances that this new MU strain will affect the medicines and vaccines for the Covid-19 as it is strong enough to survive them. However, this is just an assumption and nothing can be said without the original scientific evidence to support it.

The original Covid-19 strain is still the prime center of research, mainly to find out the potential genetic changes and mutations, that may make it emerge as a new strain. Based on these changes, the new strain could be less or more dangerous, and somehow controls the future of a pandemic.

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It may sound bizarre that viruses keep on changing, but the truth is that every virus goes through mutations and the new Mu covid-19 variant is not something that was not expected. Whether it turns out more infectious or harmless, this mutation shows the regular function of a virus.  These viruses keep on changing and many of these new viruses are able to stay while some of them vanish too. Based on what is available for now, there are high chances that it will keep the mutations running, and there might be more variants coming up next.

The new Mu Covid-19 variant is not as common as the British or South African virus, in fact, it is not even 1% of the total cases for now. This new strain has come forward during the time when all countries were worried about the delta virus, the one behind most covid-19 cases in nearly 174 countries. The health experts from these countries are already conducting experiments on the new Mu Covid-19 variant, most of which are European countries. Surprisingly, this new strain is not behind the sudden resurgence of the cases, all around the world.

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Some reports from the UK suggested that the Mu covid-19 variant may be unaffected by the vaccines or medicines, just like the beta variant, that emerged from South Africa, but it is not proven with evidence, which is why, it is not considered as a fact, yet.  The World Health Organization has confirmed the increase in MU Covid-19 cases in some South American countries but it is far less widespread than the delta variant. The major reason health experts are interested in it is the new mutation it carries, but as it is not spreading fast, it is not a threat to public health, as to now.

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