Treat in the Times of a Pandemic- Cadbury to Introduce Three Limited-edition Chocolates

three limited-edition chocolate

Chocolate has proven scientific benefits for stress, anxiety, and depression. Who doesn’t love chocolate especially when coronavirus pandemic is not taking a stop, leaving millions of people stressed?  From nuts, caramel, oreo to fruits, Cadbury UK has successfully experimented with everything, making it probably the most famous chocolate brand in the world. Right now, it is introducing three limited-edition chocolate flavors that will be available next week.

These three flavors would not be a part of their regular sales but exclusive, limited edition milk bars. Each one of them is designed and named by participants from the competition ‘Cadbury Inventor 2020’. Among these, only one best one will be added to their regular chocolate line.

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For now, these three will be available at Tesco supermarkets from next week. However, they will be available in all nationwide supermarkets from 22nd June.

The company is open to hearing from the chocolate fans about these three limited-edition chocolates. They can vote in favor of their favorite among these three and based on these results, one flavor will be added to the existing flavors of Cadbury milk bars.

As mentioned earlier, these chocolates are made by the finalists of the competition held by Cadbury. All of the participants had nearly 90,000 potential ingredients and combinations of these ingredients for creating the new flavors. They were also given a chance to name their chocolate and share a story on whats their inspiration for their designed product.

Each one of these new limited-edition chocolate bars weighs 105g and initially available for £1.49 only in the UK. However, the final price of the one final flavor is yet to decide.

Here are the details of these three new flavors.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Coconutty

This flavor uses the standard milk bar and adds coconut crumble into it. Each bar is then studded using the smooth and crispy pearls.  This flavor is designed by a 36-year-old guy named Gillian from Northern Ireland. His inspiration behind creating this flavor is the love of fresh coconuts.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Crunchy Honeycomb

This new premium flavor includes golden honeycomb bites in the standard milk bar. It tastes more like caramel and each bar tops with hazelnuts for added crunchiness.  The person behind this flavor is 19 years old Shannon who studies at a 19-year-old Nottingham. Her inspiration was to add extra crunchiness into a sweet treat.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Out of the Blueberry

Lastly, this unique combination Cadbury milk bar is designed by 24 years old Taylor from Leeds. She decided to mix blueberries, her son’s favorite in the regular milk bars. It includes crisp pearls on the top.

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All three limited-edition chocolate flavors sound fantastic but which one of them would finally win the pole, it will take nearly a month to know. This news brings a wave of happiness for the coronavirus-ridden Brits, still coping up with the deadly virus. There are nearly 313,487 cases of coronavirus in the UK but many of them have recovered and sent home.

There is no way to tell how long would this virus take to end completely. Till then, everyone is advised to follow the standard guidelines i.e. wearing a face mask in public, maintaining social distancing, avoiding going out unnecessarily, etc.

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