HIIT can Help to Get rid of Weight Gained During Lockdown

weight gained during lockdown

After spending months in a pandemic, thousands of people share that they gained weight during the lockdown period. The health experts suggest trying high-intensity interval training or HIIT to remove all this extra weight. It is faster, better and takes little time every day.

The best way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. But the popularity of fad diets has set aside the significance of exercise. People believe they can try fancy diets and lose weight so spending time in exercise is out of the question.

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Most people fail to understand that fancy diets don’t offer a long term solution for obesity. The only problem with weight loss is that it all comes back when you stop following the diet plan. That’s why health experts suggest trying a combination of exercise and diet for long term results.

This year was crucial because of the emergence of this new virus which eventually became a pandemic. Many cities were shut down to control the spread of coronavirus and save people from the virus. But many people gained weight during the lockdown as they were in social isolation. All gyms and clubs were closed and health experts were suggesting not to go out unless extremely important.

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The only options available to the people during lockdown were to engage in indoor activities. Because of this sedentary lifestyle, many people gained weight during the lockdown as they were not doing any exercise or meditation at home.

According to health experts, high-intensity interval training is the best to lose more weight in less time.  Interestingly, it is not a short term option and its benefits extend much more than weight loss.

Not many people know but almost all sports are also an unstructured version of high-intensity interval training. That’s why playing sports brings faster results in terms of weight and body shape. Those who play sports gain an athletic body without any special training. It is because their sports practice is no less than a HIIT workout. Following this HIIT workout makes them active and fit in no time.

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High-intensity interval training is a type of exercise where you work hard for some time and stop. This interval between exercise gives a chance to the body to recover and start doing efforts again. This practice is common in athletes and sportsmen for decades but HITT is much more structured than sports.

Only after when TABATA training became popular, people paid attention to high-intensity interval training. Health experts suggest HIIT be effective for people of all ages who can follow it. It has hidden benefits for improving the overall aerobic fitness of a person. As per previous studies, HIIT can also act as a cardiovascular health indicator.

It means that HIIT is better than conventional moderate exercises such as slow jogging and walk. HIIT offers better and more long-lasting benefits especially for people who have gained weight during the lockdown and now want to lose it.

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