New Scientific Hair Color Can Dye Hair Without Damage

dye hair without damage

Hair dyeing is a popular procedure around the world with millions of people either doing it themselves or getting it done from different salons. While the purpose of doing so may vary from one person to another, a popular question regarding the process is whether one can dye hair without damage.

A new study, which was conducted by researchers from Northwestern University, may help resolve this conundrum. Based on the findings, researchers have concluded that artificial melanin-based dyes can indeed help people dye their hair without damaging it.

At the moment, there are different types of dyes with unique formulations and required application techniques available. Hence, a person can choose from this variety of options in accordance with their hair type, desired color and outcomes, and other preferences.

Although the procedures in which hair is treated and colored have changed significantly in the past decade, hair damage or negative outcomes are still prevalent. In comparison with before, a fewer number of people see severe side effects.

However, no technique or dye is done completely without damage. For some people, it can also lead to an increase in hair fall, triggering scalp-related conditions, change in texture, and overall unhealthy hair.

In addition, current medical evidence has also shown conventional hair dyes have also been linked to an increased risk of allergies and even severe health conditions like cancer.

According to the findings of the new study, which appear in the journal Chemistry of Materials, since melanin is produced naturally in the body, dyes which are artificial melanin based are going to be toxin-free.

Moreoever, they can also be used for a variety of shades ranging from blondes to jet black colors without causing an damage to the hair. This is because these dyes do not replace the present hair color after stripping but manipulatr it.

The associate director for the International Institute for Nanotechnology and leading investigator of the study, Nathan Gianneschi, explains that the new dyes are based on synthetic melanin.

Dyes containing synthetic melanin do not strip the hair off its natural color but can instead produce a different color. Hair that has been dyed via this procedure can stay colored even after being washed several times.

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Moreover, it has also been noted that melanin dyes can not only help in hair dye without damage but also provide protection from harmful effects of the sun.

Overall, the findings of the research look promising and show that new and better dyes may be available in the future. However, the researchers agree that further investigation is required to ensure a couple of factors.

For instance, even though melanin is natural and there are no reported cases of an allergic reaction to it, it still cannot be ignored that there is still a possibility unless proven otherwise after testing.

After the dye has undergone further research and passed its testing stage, the researchers plan to develop it further on a bigger scale and make it avaliable in the common market.

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