Video Games Surprisingly Offer Mental Health Benefits

video games mental health benefits
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The role of video games has always been suspicious in terms of good health. They can easily hook people to stay indoors, limiting them to take part in outdoor activities.  In addition to that, health experts suggest video games can source violence and aggression in children. However, a new study is suggesting a different perspective of this picture implying video games mental health benefits for all users.

According to this new study by the Oxford University research team spending time playing video games is actually good for your mental health. These results are up after the sales report confirms a high increase in the demand for the purchase of video games this year. According to these reports, people who were spending the lockdown period at their home were taking a keen interest in playing video games. The sales were maximum high in the worst-hit countries by the Covid-19  pandemic.

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These findings are based on a survey report based on video gamers who like to play Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville and Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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Most people fear that allowing their children to play video games will affect their behavior and cognition. There are so many studies which suggest that spending time on video games promote obesity, social isolation and whatnot. While this evidence is not false, the results are inconclusive without relating other factors. For example, vide games benefits the children to develop a logical reasoning. They also promote quick decision, team work and social skills. After the evidence on its benefits came forward, there are so many research groups identifying how human brain processes these games.

Surprisingly, the researchers found that the time to play video games, irrespective of the duration has a positive effect on the wellbeing. This study is one of the pioneer studies which used the real play-time information through these internet based games. They provided the game players with survey conataining  psychological questions. All the previous studies didn’t track the play time on their own. They used the self-information to calculate the video games play time.

Understanding the video games and mental health benefits, it is clear that playing games is not always bad for health. At one side playing games make the users happy. On the other side, it helps them to take better decisions. However, the choice of game and duration of playing also play a part.

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This is just one way to study the effects of video games on mental health. for the future, stydies correlating all the factors with video games can explain why some people are addicted to it. On the basis of this information, the digital harms such as video game addiction can be controlled.

The previous data on video games show that it improves the vigilance, functioning and specialized skills in the players. So if you are a parent and struggling to work on your child’s video game obsession, don’t worry. Don’t let the video games myths to affect your child’s growth and abilities.





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