The Quest for the Best COVID-19 Vaccine- Moderna Claims its Vaccine is 95 Percent Effective

best Covid-19 vaccine

Moderna is a leading pharmaceutical company working on the Covid-19 vaccine. The new statement from it says that its vaccine is nearly 95 percent effective to prevent the infection. The company’s CEO, Stephane Bancel says that their vaccine will be the real game-changer among all others. Right now, health researchers believe it is too early to conclude a final decision, without the vaccines available.

The Moderna Covid-19 vaccine is now in its final trials. This company claims to test their vaccine on more than 30,000 participants, out of which only 95 people became coronavirus positive. This new vaccine is a collaboration between Moderna and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

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As per the company’s statement, 90 people from the 95 coronavirus positive patients were from the placebo group and only 5 were from the experimental group. The experimental group received two doses of Moderna’s best Covid-19 vaccine. The research team working on these trials estimate its effectiveness to be nearly 94.5 percent.

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After this statement, there was a sky-high increase in the company’s shares marking an 11 percent increase in their pre-market trade.

Last week, another leading pharmaceutical company Pfizer shared a statement on their Covid-19 vaccine. According to Pfizer’s spokesperson, this vaccine was in its final trial and was up to 90 percent effective. However, without launching this vaccine, it is hard to believe all such claims.

After this new statement from Moderna, the critics are discussing if the two companies are in a battle to present the best Covid-19 vaccine with maximum efficacy. There is no way to predict who will win this race, at this moment. Only after launching the vaccines, researches can actually track the progress of these vaccines and see which one is better.

The whole world is waiting for a highly effective Covid-19 vaccine to finally put an end to this on-going pandemic. According to the data from Johns Hopkins University, coronavirus has infected 54.5 million people, killing 1.3 million people worldwide.

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Bancel in his statement says that the company is tracking this virus since January. It aims to save more people from contracting this virus by all means. The company acknowledges that every passing day is adding up to this threat. However, the data from the preliminary study is sufficient to provide clinical validation of this vaccine.

Moderna is based in Cambridge and Massachusetts. About its new Covid-19 vaccine, it is hopeful that there are no safety concerns. It means that this may be the best Covid-19 vaccine, which people are desiring. There were no side effects in the study participants except the pain and inflammation at the injection site. But it is not really a problem and common in all vaccines. It requires no medical care and improves on its own.

In a recent interview, Bancel said that it feels wonderful to think that this vaccine may save millions of people of the world from this deadly pandemic. Many people are hesitant to try a vaccine especially when it is the first of its kind. However, a 95 percent effective vaccine means only a rare chance of it failing. Not many people know that flu shots only provide up to 70 percent safety. Yet people get their flu shots regularly and are able to ditch the virus.



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