The Rumours of Kim Jong-un’s Death Bloom Again

Kim Jong-un’s Death

The news on Kim Jong-un’s death is again rising after a suspicious statement from a South Korean diplomat gave a hint that he is probably in a coma. This statement has come from Chang Song-min who is a former assistant to the late president Kim Dae-jung of South Korea. But he has not given any proof of this statement.

A local news website of South Korea has called this statement to be “absurd” and non-trustworthy information.

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The state media group has not shared anything if something is wrong with Kim Jong-un’s heath. There was also news of him addressing a summit where he shared plans on how to work on North Korea’s economy. The pictures were published on all popular websites.

This latest suspicion is not the first time that questions about Kim Jong-un’s death are raised. There were incidents before which opened a number of conspiracy theories. In case something happens to him, all the responsibilities will fall to Kim Yo-jong who is a sister of Kim Jong-un.

Earlier this year, April and May were the months when there was news of Kim being in a coma, or hiding or under a surgery. There was a long disappearance of him and even the state media was quiet about it. After three weeks long disappearance finally his pictures of visiting a fertilizer plant were posted which killed the previous rumors.

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There are times when Kim likes to go away from media, but staying out of the news for so long is what invites all these rumors to speculate.

Last week, Chang posted a Facebook status saying that Kim is in a coma which is why there are no appearances of him in the media. He even said that his recent appearances are fake.

Shinmoongo, a popular news-site of South Korea has somehow called these claims by  Chang to be completely “absurd”. They also published that he has already embarrassed himself this April after which, Kim’s pictures were posted in media, showing him very much alive and in good health.

Is Kim Jong-un really dead? Last December, Kim declared that he will soon reveal a new strategic weapon and many believed that it would be disclosed on October 10th. While the international media is still discussing whether or not Kim’s health is declining, the leader has been reportedly going under cardiovascular surgery in April.

Previously, CNN has revealed that Kim’s health is in danger but there are no other details about it. US President Donald Trump has also stated in the past that he has some idea about Kim’s health but he also said that he can’t talk about his health at this moment.

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