14 Countries with ZERO COVID-19 Cases


The coronavirus pandemic has taken the whole world to a storm but there are some places where it has not reached yet. The tracker for COVID-19 cases by the researchers from John Hopkins has reported a total of 23,443,97 cases worldwide and 809,011 deaths, as that of today. On the other side, 15 million people are now recovered from this virus, but there are 14 countries that have zero COVID-19 cases to this day.

Some countries are hesitant to accept if there are any cases around, whole others, the remote areas are trying to avoid the virus by banning entry of international tourists.

Here is a list of these 14 countries with zero COVID-19 cases.

The Cook Islands

This island closed all its international border after the virus was reported to be spreading. The PM Henry Puna shares that they are taking strict action to protect the people from this deadly virus.

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Federated States of Micronesia

Micronesia is a 600-island based country in the Pacific ocean which is home to more than 112,640. It has also closed the borders urging to put a hold on tourists as this country is a popular tourist spot.


It is another island base country which has a population of 110,000 people. Everyone who is entering this country is advised to live in a 14 days long quarantine. They are also asked to give a negative test report to enter into the country.


Palau is home to 18,000 people living in 500 small islands. The government has reportedly confirmed zero COVID-19 cases but the health ministry has advised people to follow the safety guidelines to avoid contracting the virus. In addition to this, everyone entering the country is advised to quarantine.


The Polynesian island of Samoa imposed an emergency at the start of this year and put a ban on all incoming flights. It is completely closed for an unannounced period. All this is to keep the status of this country to have zero COVID-19 Cases.

Republic of the Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands is not accepting international travelers after the coronavirus cases began to rise. Most of the domestic and all international flights are suspended.


Naru is the small island of the world with 10,000 population, living in only eight square miles area. The government is concerned with the rising number of coronavirus in the neighboring countries which is why the island has decided not to allow the foreign citizens.

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North Korea

The country is under a dictator, Kim Jong-un which has utterly denied that there is any case of coronavirus in the country. The country is already imposing strict contact and travel warnings to other countries but it has also closed its border. There is uncertainty about the COVID-19 cases in the country.

Solomon Islands

The government is doing everything to keep the 652,000 population of Solomon islands free from coronavirus. It has closed the borders in order to control viral entry and planning on how to open tourism without introducing coronavirus to the country.

Other countries with zero COVID-19 countries are Tonga, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.


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