Spain Reports One Million COVID-19 Cases

Spain has reported one million COVID-19 cases this Friday, marking itself as the first European country to reach this level. The government is trying everything to control the viral spread and recently it has added more restrictions on public gatherings and local businesses.

There are 16,973 new COVID-19 cases in Spain within the last 24 hours only. The Spanish health ministry has announced that the cases have now reached to 1,005,295 ever since the first coronavirus case was reported on 31st January.

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Among these one million COVID-19 cases in Spain, nearly 34,366 people are dead and 156 deaths were reported within the last 24 hours.

With a population of more than 47 million individuals, Spain is the first European and sixth in worst-hit countries of the world who have crossed a million cases. The first position is owned by the United States and the second is by India where the virus is spreading like anything. Next in line are Brazil, Russia, and Argentina all of which have already crossed this one million case point.

Despite the increase in coronavirus cases, the health experts believe that this new wave is less deadly than the first wave reported back in March-April of this year. During that period, Spain was reporting at least 800 deaths daily which is far worse than daily deaths reported now.

Although these new cases are still low in case there is a spike, it is possible that all hospitals will be saturated with patients. Right now, the Spanish health ministry is trying best to get prepared for a potential surge in coronavirus cases along with imposing new controlling measures such as nighttime curfew.

This time is very difficult in terms of pandemic management and the government is open to all new ideas and strategies to keep the daily reported cases under a control.

When the coronavirus first appeared in the world, Spain was among the worst-hit countries and also among the first countries to impose a complete lockdown to control the viral spread.

These lockdowns and restrictions turned out to be a good idea and the new cases eventually began to decline. However, after the government removed all the restrictions in June, the virus began to spread again.

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The return of pubic gatherings, nightlife, and social events contributed to the re-infection and spreading of the virus. There are so many factors that could be blamed for the increase in COVID-19 cases in Spain again. But instead of finding the reason, it is the time to plan an effective response, setting aside the political differences.

Many parts of the country are under a partial and complete lockdown. The city of Madrid has a partial lockdown and Catalonia is under a 15-day semi lockdown where all public eateries and bars are closed.

Angela Hernandez Puente, a health expert and deputy sectary working at the Amtys medical association (Madrid) says that this current situation is upsetting but it is nothing as compared to the situation in March when the entire healthcare system was under a crush.


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