Real Estate Agency Introduces ‘Moving Meditation Series’ to Overcome the Stress of Shifting a House

 Moving Meditations series
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Moving to a new house is stressful and in many people, it can cause anxiety, depression, and related conditions. Identifying this problem and understanding how it may affect a person’s mental health, an Estate agency from UK has introduced the first-ever ‘Moving Meditation Series’ for people who are moving to a new house and are under stress.

Purplebricks has launched this Moving Meditations series in a response to a survey reporting how people experience a rollercoaster of emotions while leaving a house and moving to another one.

This survey was based on data collected online where nearly 2000 people reported extreme stress while completing the property sale, moving to a house or waiting for an important date to be the most stressful periods of life.

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Nearly 22% of the people shared how pulling out from the house purchase is the most stressful time for them. Almost 62% of people reported that they are extremely stressed when things or events are beyond control.

But 32% of people reported that they are trying everything to stay calm and positive and doing everything that it takes. Many of them have tried doing exercise, meditation, or drinking to relieve stress.

This new moving meditation series has been designed by a certified health coach Rebecca Dennis who has collaborated with Purplebricks for planning effective meditations to get over the house shifting tress.

Rebecca says that moving to a new place is one of the hardest decisions in life which has various mental, physical, and emotional factors involved.

She says that many people are unable to identify the underlying stress and they believe that they just getting emotional. The excitement of finding the new home is unexplainable but making an offer, completing the deal, and moving to the house has various ups and downs involved which can make anyone stressed.

This whole process may not always be easy and smooth but there are many ways to make it less difficult and stressful. For example, breathing exercises are one way to control the body’s reaction towards these triggers such as stress. Certain meditation practices make it easy for the body to manage the stress before it starts to show physical symptoms of pain and discomfort.

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Approximately 50% of the participants from this survey say that this process of purchasing or buying a home is complicated beyond imagination which is why it is stressful. Almost 49% reported that the uncertainty of what’s happening around and what would happen next makes them anxious.

A total number of 71% of people shared that they would appreciate timely updates regarding their house purchase and sale to control their stress. 32% of people find their stress levels gradually decline when their matters regarding house purchases are clear and the property is in their hands. But 24% of people still report ‘stressed’ until they practically shift to their new house.

Buying or selling a property especially a home is an important event in life and naturally, it is stressful as there is money, emotions, and a future involved. It is somehow understandable that people are indeed stressed during this time. However, it is not something that happens frequently and for most people, it is only once in a lifetime experience. Instead of constantly worrying about it, they should try to fit at the moment and make better decisions for themselves. Additionally, they can try meditation practices or any other healthy activity that calms their nerves.





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