Paramedics Alert About Incorrect Use of Face masks That Increases the coronavirus risk

Incorrect Use of Face masks

The British Government made it mandatory to wear a facemask while shopping and people are showed mixed responses to this. Many of them opposed it as they found it against their ‘fundamental right’. In any case, not wearing a mask or incorrect use of face masks is linked with an increased risk of coronavirus.

Those who are spotted without a facemask will be fined that could exceed up to £100. The Government has shared that this policy is in the best interest of people. not only it saves people from getting the virus but also reduces the risk of transmitting it to others. But it requires the correct use of wearing a face mask covering both nose and mouth.

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Nose and mouth are the prime entry points for the coronavirus which is why medical experts advise people to cover them. Although the masks aren’t 100% accurate in reducing the risk they significantly help in pandemic control. But it is necessary to make sure that everyone is using a medical-grade mask correctly.

Ever since this new rule is implemented, almost everyone is seen wearing a mask in the UK. This mask covers their nose and goes till the chin. But some paramedics have reported that people are not properly using these face coverings.

The East Midlands Ambulance Service uploaded a post on their social media accounts alerting people about the incorrect use of face masks. Their post discusses how pulling the mask till neck is not an acceptable way of being in public during a pandemic.

It has urged the public to be sure of never removing the mask or wear it around the neck or the chin.

The post shares three images in which a man could be seen in a mask. In one of the pictures, the man is wearing a mask correctly. In others, he is seen pulling the face mask down which is directly exposing him to the virus.

In the third picture, the man is seen covering his nose and mouth again with the same mask. This image explains that pulling the mask down, and then re-covering it is adding the risk of all pathogens to attack him. The mask once pulled becomes contaminated and using it again increases the health risks.

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This post advises people not to expose their mouths and nose during shopping. This pulling and fixing the mask back seems harmless but it adds even more dangers to your health in addition to the deadly coronavirus.

If you have to involve in an activity that requires you to expose your nose and mouth, make sure to completely remove the mask, do the task, and re-wear it. This post by The East Midland’s Ambulance Service post is now viral and has been shared thousands of times on Facebook.



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