Bizarre Research Finds Humans have more Fats than Pigs

Humans have more Fats than Pigs

The obesity trends around the world are changing drastically and probably the obesity rate is highest right now. But the new study highlights that humans have more fats than pigs and this is a serious health concern.

The study under the Agriculture and Horticultural Development Board says that the last two decades were the worst for obesity trends. The ‘popular’ pig fat is decreased from 30% to only 16% now.

Christine Walsh from the researcher’s team says that not just humans but fat distribution in pigs is also different. And they are not as fat as people once thought they were. The pigs of this decade are much leaner than before.

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This shocking study appears to be on pig’s health but actually it draws a comparison of pig fat and human fat. The results show that humans are following an entirely different approach than pigs. The fat levels in humans are worst right now and they continue to increase more and more every year.

The results from the recent government Health Survey for England also support these high obesity rates. It suggested that the British people are becoming fatter every year.

Susan Jebb teaches Diet and Population Health at Oxford University. Recent research has investigated the body fat of people living in the UK. Her study sample was over 400,000 which could give a better picture of the larger population.

Her results showed that an average man from middle ages has a BMI of nearly 27.5 and his fat levels range between 21 and 25% and in women, it is between 33 to 38%.

This new comparison suggests that if pigs have 16% fat in their body, it is much less than humans. So does that mean humans have more fats than pigs? As to now, it seems to be true.

Fredrik Karpe teaches Metabolic Medicine at Oxford University. He adds that this obesity trend analysis shows that pigs and humans are going into two opposite directions. And it also appears that pigs are somehow less fat than humans now.

So this joke of calling someone ‘fat as a pig’ might need to change as ‘fat as a human’ now.

There are numerous people who have shared their stories with media that how were they able to lose weight by limiting unhealthy food. That is obviously a fact that unhealthy food intake has a deep role in weight gain trends. that’s why limiting the junk and fast food brings quick weight loss results in any person.

This suggests that an increase in human fat levels is mostly because of poor dietary and lifestyle choices. Probably humans were not eating as much junk 30 years ago as they are eating right now. In addition to this, the sedentary lifestyle and long working hours are adding up to weight gain trends.

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In addition to all this, the coronavirus pandemic which has literally locked people in their houses and made the physical activity almost none is a big factor as well. It is technically not possible to go to the park or gym as these places are most likely to transmit the virus. Only highly motivated people are following a healthy diet and home-based workouts. But for all others, the work from home is just adding up into their weight.

Although humans have more fats than pigs right now, changing their lifestyle and diet can improve this trend. It is the right time to consider obesity as a leading health concern and takes drastic measures before it increases even more.



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