New Tool to Get Live Updates on China’s Coronavirus

There is a new online tool to get live updates on China’s coronavirus outbreak and affected areas. As many people already know, this new virus emerged from Wuhan city of China’s Hubei province in Dec 2019 and spreading to all nearby areas. This virus that looks more like pneumonia and common cold has now spread to more than 10 countries and thousands of confirmed cases. It has taken at least 80 lives only in China so far and thousands of others are at risk.

Engineering has designed this new dashboard to keep track of all reported cases of coronavirus infection. You can access all this information through Google spreadsheets. And this information contains total reported cases, confirmed cases and deaths. It also tells about people who successfully recovered from this infection. All this information is plotted on a map as well as tables on this online tool.

Tool designed by John Hopkins University (Image courtesy: Newsweek)

Started from a local seafood market of Wuhan, this coronavirus has thought to be linked with animals.

This dashboard operates by gathering data and visualizing it online on a map. The data is collected from official sources such as World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and health ministries and national commissions from countries like France, Thailand, and USA, etc.

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A blog post by an assistant professor at Department of Civil Engineering, John Hopkins University, Lauren Gardner says that this data is also obtained from DXY. DXY is a Chinese forum that picks data and recent analytics from the National Health Commission of China and local authorities.

Lauren further says that;

“more current regional case estimates than the national level reporting organizations are capable of, and is thus used for all the mainland China cases reported in our dashboard.”

This dashboard is a creation by researchers from Johns Hopkins University. This is a small attempt to track the progress and spread of coronavirus so that the necessary precautions and national level control plans should be taken in respective areas.

She also wrote that;

“The dashboard is intended to provide the public with an understanding of the outbreak situation as it unfolds, with transparent data sources.”

The dashboard estimated a total number of 107 confirmed deaths from coronavirus. All of these deaths are reported in Mainland China and nearly 4500 confirmed cases.
World Health Organization has issued a situation report on Monday which tells the total affected people to be 2,798 till last week.

This virus shares symptoms with the common cold and a previously known virus, SARS. Some of the common symptoms include sore throat, dry cough, difficulty in breathing, body pain, and fever.

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The dashboard highlights this virus’s presence in HongKong, China, Macau and even in the USA. It has also spread to Singapore, Japan, Germany, Sri Lanka, France, Nepal, Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia and Ivory Coast.

Named as “2019-nCov”, this new viral strain belongs to the “coronaviridae” which is the family that contains almost all infections causing flu in humans. These viruses range from the mild, common cold to much severe, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) virus.

This new virus has affected a large number of population. Many public places and tourist spots have been closed. The celebrations of Chinese New Year have been halted and various parts of China are completely shut down to control its spread. Multiple international airlines and airports have issued compulsory screening tests for everyone who has been traveling from China.

Currently, there is no specific medicine to treat this virus, nor it has any vaccine. However, leading pharmaceuticals and research companies are working to find a treatment plan for China’s coronavirus that has now become a public health threat.

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