Monkeys Practicing Social Distancing Spotted in India

Monkeys Practicing Social Distancing

The new photos on the social distancing of monkeys from India have surprised the world. A big troop of monkeys practicing social distancing, surprising people during this time of coronavirus pandemic.

Monkeys from India are famous for their rather notorious acts like destruction, snatching, or stealing things. But these new photos have initiated a spark on all big social forums where monkeys in social distancing are visible as they wait for their lunch in Arunachal Pradesh.

The local MP and also the Minister for Youth Affairs & Sports, Kiren Rijiju shared this picture of these peaceful and law-abiding monkeys practicing social distancing, waiting for their turn to get a watermelon slice for lunch.

Image- Twitter

The caption of his Tweet tells that these photos are from Bhalukpong in Arunachal Pradesh along the boundary line of Assam and Arunachal. The Minister says that animals are teaching us a big lesson. Humans, despite being more intelligent creatures are ignoring this lesson.

These monkeys practicing social distancing appear as a different behavior which is highly unusual from this specie especially in India. In many parts of India, the monkeys share special importance for religious or cultural reasons. Mostly these monkeys are famous for being mischievous but this is the first time that this type of case is in public.

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Last week an Indian health worker reported that monkeys stealing coronavirus samples from him while he was transporting them. People are frightened of coronavirus spread through monkeys. However, there was no such report of the coronavirus outbreak in that area.

The native people helped to recover these samples and there was no damage to them. This incident took place near Meerut Medical College, New Delhi, and the superintendent Dheeraj Raj confirmed it after the CCTV footage of this incident was on social media.

Coronavirus also infects animals but there is no proof on whether or not they can transmit this virus to humans. India’s coronavirus death toll is increasing every day and last Friday it surpassed China’s death toll. There were at least 193 deaths news yesterday which makes the total number of deaths as 5,300.

India is one of the highly populous countries where it is hard to provide healthcare facilities to every person. The government is trying to protect people and recommends preventive care such as social distancing and hygiene. However, it doesn’t look like the people are following it.

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During this tense situation, monkeys practicing social distancing is indeed a lesson for humans to do the same. If these animals can do it, humans can also do it. Despite this high increase in coronavirus deaths in India, the government is easing restrictions on small businesses and public transport in many cities.

The closing of schools and the local subway is helpful but the pandemic is still a long way behind its ‘peak’.  Such a high number of deaths before the ‘peak’ predicts this peak to be horrible in terms of public health. Many people are criticizing the government for easing the lockdown. But the government says it is to help laborers who are dying out of starvation. Considering all this, it looks like the situation is out of control here. The Indian government needs to take more helpful actions to control coronavirus deaths in India.

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