How to Get Rid of Lines Under Your Eyes with a Professional Treatments?

get rid of the lines under eyes

The fine lines under and around the eyes are commonly associated with age. As the skin around the eyes is extremely fragile, these lines look more prominent and every year, they tend to increase. A number of people suggest using home remedies to get rid of lines under the eyes. However, most of them don’t work or take years to show only a little improvement.

On the other side, there are some advanced cosmetic treatments which can show visible results from the first sitting. But it is necessary to get them from a certified aesthetician or else, there are high chances to live with a permanent skin problem.

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The appearance of lines is a part of aging which starts as early as 20 years. Every year, the body starts to produce less collagen than the previous year. Eventually, the skin compromises on the skin elasticity and texture and becomes more sensitive.

In addition to aging, facial expressions, UV exposure, poor sleeping habits, and diet also contribute to developing lines and wrinkles.

Interestingly, there are a number of cosmetic treatments that can help to get rid of lines under the eyes. Certain neurotoxins for example Botox and disport are extremely helpful for removing the lines and clearing the skin. These neurotoxins are injected below the eye, in the pretarsal muscle by a certified aesthetician only.

A special vitamin A or Retin-A based topical gels and creams can also reduce the fine lines and wrinkles. It can also enhance the complexion and reduce sun damage. Choosing a Retin-A product needs talking to an aesthetician or dermatologist first. Although there are over-the-counter variants available too choosing a professional product brings faster results.

After a skin evaluation, an aesthetician may also prescribe laser treatment. The laser can penetrate into the skin and boost the natural production of elastin as well as collagen in the skin. These types of treatment are more of a permanent nature and have absolutely minimal recovery time.

If not laser, micro-needling is an alternative treatment option to get rid of lines under the eyes. Also called derma rolling, micro-needling is a technique to insert several tiny needles into the skin, using a rolling technique. This puncture based method naturally boosts collagen production.

Certain type of chemical peels especially which use any alpha hydroxy acid (for example glycolic acid) can literally peel away the top skin layer, exposing the fresh skin beneath. Trichloroacetic acid-based peels are the deepest skin peels that majorly help with reducing lines and wrinkles and enhancing the complexion.

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Microdermabrasion is a relatively new technique that uses several spraying microcrystals which gives the same effect as chemical peels. Only, it doesn’t use the chemicals which may be a concern for some people who don’t want to expose their sensitive skin to these chemicals. This process also removes the top skin layers and also removes lines under the eyes. The result is a clear and smooth look.

Some of these processes need multiple sittings. Usually, a doctor evaluates the skin damage and designs a treatment plan accordingly. Based on the choice of treatment, the results last for a few months.








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