Mike Tyson Announces Launch of New ‘Printed’ Cannabis Edibles

Ever since its legalization in different countries, the sales of cannabis-related products is going up each year. Now, Mike Tyson, the former professional boxer has announced his company will now be launching new cannabis edibles. The products from Tyson are also going to be much different than the existing ones.

At the moment, cannabis is available in different forms. People can use the drug in conventional forms such as capsules, powder, extract, pills, and gummy bears. In addition, there has also been a flow of other cannabis-infused products.

For example, there are now unique CBD products like cannabis pillows and weed milkshakes. However, Ranch Companies by Mike Tyson have announced that they now have the license for ‘printing’ cannabis edibles.

Ever since the statement was made public, people gave different reactions. Along with excitement over the new product line, there were questions regarding the possibility of ‘printing’.

A number of inquiries about how does one print a product, that too a cannabis beverage are being asked. According to Tyson, Smart Cups, which was the first company to print the first beverage is likely to help Ranch Companies in their new venture.

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Smart Cups will reportedly license its IP to Tyson’s companies so that it is able to print cannabis products and launch them in the market. Furthermore, the IP can even help in adding the right dosage of CBD into the beverages.

In a recent interview, Tyson states that he is looking forward to working with Smart Cups for printing ingestible cannabis beverages.

“Having the ability to produce lines of ingestible cannabis products that will have accurate and consistent doses of cannabis is incredibly important to us.” He said.

For the majority, the process of printing beverages may sound too strange to be true. However, in reality, Smart Cups IP and smart beverage printing can be useful as it is cost-effective, saves time in production and transportation as well as reduces carbon footprint.

Therefore, it can be said that not only is the new method of printing beverages or cannabis products useful but also the most environmental-friendly so far.

Even though the process of printing beverages sounds complicated, Smart Cups already explained how it can be done. According to the company, it prints flavor and active ingredients derived from natural substances directly on the surface of the substrates.

To do so,  micro-encapsulation printing technology is used in the procedure. After the ingredients are added to the substrate, it is saved in a bioplastic cup.

The founder and CEO of Smart Cups, Chris Kanik, explains “In this specific application, we use water-soluble cannabinoids and are able to precisely print them on virtually any surface,”

Kanik also further that the actives and flavors in the product are released as soon as they come into contact with any liquid. This can be simple water or any other drink or even saliva.

Not only will this new technology help in the eco-friendly production of cannabis edibles but can help in the big problem of dosing in the cannabis industry. With the rising demand for CBD products, the new line of products from Ranch Companies is likely to help a lot of cannabis users in the long run.

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