Health Alert- Obesity is a Risk Factor for Cancer Development

Obesity is one of the leading factors contributing to cancer development worldwide. A recent study investigated the link between obesity and cancer development in adults. Several Epidemiological studies suggest that diet affects the possibility of getting cancer but food intake is not the only cause of cancer development in individuals. However, it might play a supportive role in response to cancer treatment.

The complete study findings are published in the journal Trends in Cancer”

Dr. Barrie Peck the leader of the research team at the Cancer Research YK Barts Cancer Institute, has analyzed that the main risk factor of cancer development in individuals is obesity but the treatment response is also affected by diet and weight.

The response to cancer treatment is worse in obese patients than non-obese patients but diet and obesity cases at the period of treatment of patients are not selected yet for the clinical decisions by researchers.

DNA damage is the main cause of cancer and leads to uncontrolled cell replication. In fact, many types of changes occur in cancer cells than healthy cells do not undergo normally. Moreover, cancer cells also change their processes and energy sources to survive.

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In some cases, cancer is predestined and DNA damage can be traced back while in other DNA damage may be due to cigarettes and sun exposure. Food intake has a direct impact on cancer cells. It is obvious that obesity increases the possibility of developing cancer but so far not much study has been done to determine the effect of diet on cancer.

As smokers are at a high risk of developing lung cancer and the possibility of cancer is less in non-smokers. Ceasing individuals from smoking is a good step in case of smoking but preventing individuals from eating is not quite possible. The best cancer treatment in obese patients is the regulation of diet.

Obese patients are at high risk of developing cancer and the best idea that could help to gain a healthier weight and decrease the risk of developing cancer is to manage their diet. In order to decrease the chances of cancer, a person should maintain his normal weight. But if a person has already been diagnosed with disease then these dietary changes should not be applied by the patient because those changes could have a negative effect on the health of the patient.

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When a person is diagnosed with cancer and decides to change diet. One may think that super fruits contain many antioxidants and taking these antioxidants is the best way to treat cancer but the study reveals that it is the worst idea when a person is on cancer treatment.

Breast cancer treatment has clearly revealed that the intake of a high amount of antioxidants during cancer treatment is a very bad idea because it obstructs the ability of drugs to perform their function. In the case of obesity, antioxidants may have some effect on treatment but it is not obvious. This study provides awareness that obesity is also a risk factor for cancer development in adults thus the dietary habits should be studied in detail while developing cancer treatment.

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