Can Eating Low-carb Diet Prevent Brain Aging?

A new study by Stony University published in journal PNAS finds that brain aging can be prevented or even reversed by taking a low-carb diet. The researchers advise people to replace simple and processed carbs with complex alternatives. The aging linked microbiological changes are also observed in younger people than previously thought.

Here is the link to the study.

The advantages and disadvantages of carbs have for quite some time been discussed and the amazingly carb-light keto diet has been staggeringly famous in recent years. But health specialists consider it a fundamental fuel for the human body and brain and believe that by making certain dietary changes, basically decreasing utilization of refined starches, it’s conceivable to turn around this.

In this research, the neuroimaging scans are conducted with just about one thousand people whose ages are 18 to 88.  Then after keeping a standard eating routine or low carb diet for seven days, the participant’s brain responses were assessed. Where dinners may involve fish or meat with leafy greens or salad. However, no rice grains, sugar or starchy vegetables including sweetcorn, parsnips, and squash. The participants are not allowed to eat starchy vegetables.

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The present study also explains a link between the increased activity of the brain and dietary ketosis as well as the stabilized functional networks.

The university professor and lead author, Stony Brook tell that this research involves both good and bad news. The bad news is that the first indications of brain aging are seen a lot sooner than was previously suspected. And the good news is that the scientists might have the option to prevent or turn around these impacts with diet, alleviating the effect of infringing hypometabolism by exchanging glucose for ketones as fuel for neurons.

Mujica-Parodi finds that the ability of the brain to metabolize glucose efficiently gets low as people get older. In older age, the brain networks get destabilize and neurons are starved slowly. The researchers have tested whether drinking ketone supplements or a low carb diet is a source of energy for the brain or not. Further tells that this added energy is a source to stabilize the brain networks.

The registered nutritionist,  Rhiannon Lambert finds that before a person cut all carbs from his eating routine, it’s significant that the cerebrum requires carbs to function. Carbs have scientifically proven to make a person happy. Also, play a significant role in moving tryptophan to the brain.

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This study suggests replacing simple carbs like white rice, pasta, bread, and processed food with complex carbs like vegetables, beans, pulses, sweet potatoes, wholegrain bread, oats, and brown rice.

It also recommends lowering the simple carbohydrates consumption and to increase complex carbohydrates consumption as carbohydrates play an important role in the provision of nutrients, secretion of hormones like happy hormone serotonin and in maintaining a healthy gut function.

But longer-term inquire is required before these discoveries ought to be executed in regular life.

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