Fauci Says there Would be No Football Tournaments This Year

Football tournaments

Coronavirus may stop all major football tournaments from happening this year. It includes Super Bowl-winning champions Kansas City Chiefs expected to kick off the season for 2020. The regular seas are to take place on September 10.

The team is to play against Houston Texans. July 22, training for the NFL is in expectations. The Hall of Fame Game will take place in Canton, Ohio, this August 6.

The NCAA sent approval for a plan. Summer athletic activities gain approval under it. Preseason practice for the long-awaited college football season 2020 also gains approval. This is set to take place on August 29 if things go to plan.

But the cheer may be spoilt in the given circumstances. Coronavirus pandemic may stop football tournaments from happening at all this year.

Transmission of the novel coronavirus is a real concern. Knowing there is no treatment or vaccine is even more cause for concern. Thus caution is important when planning any games.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci says only under special circumstances would the players be safe. Fauci is director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He says special protection from the community and regular testing is important. Given the impending danger of the second wave of Coronavirus might cancel football tournaments after all. Thus preventative measures will be in need.

He says the flu season will offer complications besides the looming danger of the virus.

This Monday, most Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans players contracted coronavirus. NFL network’s Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero say. The report claims the players were following health protocols. They say none of them came in contact with the team facilities.

NFL commissioner answered how the positive results affected the team. League planning in link to training camps and the coming season were part of the question. Roger Goodwell thus says he expects more positive results. He calls it a part of increasing testing of the team. They are keen to make sure all protocols are up to date and working.

Goodwell says quick responses to the crisis have garnered positive reactions. Protecting people who receive the impact and those in contact with them is part of the measures

In a memo from him, made in May, Goodwell provides protocols on a slow reopening. Team facilities, a small number of employees were under consideration. Considering players was placed after that. These were all part of the measures by Goodwell.

Earlier this month, the league reopened and expanded. This was allowing coaches to come back to the training facilities.

As the pandemic spiraled out of control, NFL thus canceled plans for May. International games are not going to happen because of the pandemic. They are moving all schedule games to the US instead so that the game still continues.

The previous schedule had other plans. The league was to play four games in London, UK. One single game they will play in the city of Mexico.

If second wave coronavirus doesn’t threaten prospects of football, the game will happen. If both college football seasons and NFL are successful to finish, the Super Bowl will take place. The schedule will be on February 7 in Tampa, Florida. The College Football Playoff National Championship game will take place on January 11. The game takes place in Miami Gardens, Florida.

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