American Nation downcast; Stress Prevails Public

Coronavirus related stress peaks in the US

Concerns for the national health rises as a recent survey conducted by the American Psychological Association on coronavirus related stress concludes a significant proportion of the public stresses over the future of the US and present conditions.

These are revolutionary times in the US and such ground-breaking rebellion of nation against the government is being witnessed. People are struggling for a resurrection while there is stress in the air.

No one is unaware of the terms black-lives-matter and the George Floyd case. Also, the behavior of Trump association and federal government towards the COVID-19 pandemic is shameful.

considering these conditions, APA which represents the phycological departments of the whole country decided to conduct a national survey to hear out what the general public has to say about the present conditions of the country.

The survey concluded that more than eighty percent of American adults deem the country’s present state and future as a major source of stress for them.

It is a record high since the last summit of sixty-nine percent of people having the same views in 2018. The protests against the racial prejudice observed in the country are revolutionary, although, there is a time and place for everything.

Coronavirus cases in the country peaked above the whole world and both nations and governments are showing dreadful neglect. All these conditions resulted in overall tension in the air of the states

Coronavirus related stress should not be neglected as the conditions in the country can get worse. No one can be sure when the mass hysteria will lead to a civil war.

The CEO of APA is concerned about the economic, health, and public crises. The threefold problems are overwhelming Americans and most people have no idea what to do- they are stuck between logic and orders.

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Fifty-five percent of black adults blame racial discrimination to be the reason for national stress. More than 70% say that police brutality is the major reason behind it. More than 60% deem the state’s actions about the pandemic are behind their stress.

This is a clear call to action for the government. If they do nothing about the mental health of their public, they will receive serious backlashes which will disturb the peace in the whole country.

The online survey considered all the main factors in the population above the age 18. Proportion according to the creed and color was applied to obtain real-time statistical results with a proper presentation.

Among this distress, some culprits are also gaining benefits from the present conditions in the name of protests. We all are aware of wild store ambushes happening across the country having nothing to do with the main idea of the campaign.

Coronavirus related stress is a real thing and people need to take actions and precautions themselves as there is no sign that the government is going to do anything to deal with the issue. We can only hope for the best.


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