COVID-19 Vaccine or Antivirals?

COVID-19 vaccine vs antivirals

Governments and firms around the world are looking for an effective and safe treatment for the novel coronavirus. While the struggle for a COVID-19 vaccine development goes on, there are chances that antiviral provide the cure for the global crisis.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases are above 8 million, officially. Many companies are deeming antivirals to be the solution and are working constantly on them.

Others think the vaccine is the only answer. Researchers worldwide are using their full strength to revert the damage caused by the accursed disease.

It is very likely that early cure will not be as effective and will probably be a drug. As we know, until now three medicines are recommended by specialists although the results for them are still far-fetched.

One of these drugs is Hydroxychloroquine recommended by US President Donald Trump. In the US, a big proportion of the hospitals are using this drug for COVID-19 treatment.

An enterprise named Sorrento Therapeutics recently announced the development of an effective antiviral drug against the disease.

The firm claims that the drug can provide effective treatment and prevention from the novel disease. Although, they are still under trial and could take months for official validation.

Due to the reason that it can take almost a decade for a discovered compound to come to market, treatments that are recommended are already out there.

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The treatment can progress in one of three ways, avoid cell breach of the virus, avoid virus duplication in the cells, or avoiding organ damage. Many drugs developed are antivirals that would target the virus already inside us.

In contrast with the COVID-19 vaccine, many scientists have high hopes for the quick development of antiviral drugs, however, experts say that both will help.

Remdisivir is an antiviral drug developed for Ebola Virus but was not helpful. Although it is considered safe. Remdisivir is under supervision around the world as a cure for COVID-19.

 Gilead Sciences announced in the month of April that their trials stopped due to fewer volunteers. After some days, the company said that the test for prior data supervised under the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases concluded.

The results were satisfactory as the recovery time reduced from typical 15 days to 11 days in the patients. On the contrary, a study published in The Lancet revealed that the drug was not beneficial.

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Other tested drugs include Kaletra, Favipiravir, Arbidol, etc. have not any satisfactory results. Some other ways to treat this sickness are also under inspection such as Ibuprofen, monoclonal antibodies, blood plasma transfer, stem cells, and immune suppressants.

Firms such as Moderna Inc., AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson are also showing interest in the development of antivirals for the treatment and protection from coronavirus.

The fight for the quick development of the COVID-19 vaccine and antivirals will go and hopefully, we will achieve a milestone one day. Until that day, stay safe and stay at home!

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