Cedar Gate Partners with Value Care Programs in Texas

Concentrated on ensuring their individuals receive secured, high-bore, coordinated and sensible thought, Blue KC has been collaborating with social insurance relationship to push toward regard based thought and away from cost for-administration. This procedure finally moves concentrate away from volume and prizes quality and improved wellbeing results.

Cedar Gate is happy to unite as one with Blue KC and give the advanced logical capacities expected to win in the move towards regard based thought,” said David B. Snow Jr., CEO of Cedar Gate Technologies. “Our ISAAC™ system is reason attempted to propel the show of all danger based initiatives.”

This new understanding offers Blue KC increased versatility, forecasting and overhauled essential authority limits on a single stage that works reliably with its present structures. The association supports Blue KC’s undertakings to all the almost certain attract patients with wellbeing programs, straightforwardness gadgets, and information on the most capable strategy to keep strong and supervise interminable conditions.

“As Kansas City’s greatest privately based restorative inclusion provider, we are intentionally pursuing worth based thought models that lower the cost of mind and improve tolerant outcomes and satisfaction,” said Greg Sweat M.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Blue KC. “Cedar Gate improves our logical limits and acclaims our danger management capacity, so we can deliver regard based thought for our patients and provider affiliations.”

Cedar Gate systems help clients with optimizing the introduction of all peril based understandings, including upside just, upside downside, chance paths, prospective gatherings, retrospective packs and overall capitation. Using ISAAC, a cloud-based SaaS organize, Cedar Gate engages payers, providers and self-insured directors to streamline chance based understandings, decrease medicinal spend, improve restorative disaster extents and improve provider orchestrate and clinical execution – all on a single stage.

About Cedar Gate Technologies (cedargate.com)
C worth based thought execution management association built up in 2014 by David B. Snow Jr., an extensively perceived Fortune 50 CEO, in association with GTCR, a leading Chicago based private worth firm. In 2018 Ascension Ventures, an indispensable medicinal administrations experience firm, ended up being a bit of the ownership gathering.

Cedar Gate gives predominant explanatory, innovative and warning administrations to providers, payers and self-insured businesses to engage them to meet and outperform the display furthest reaches of critical worth based thought understandings, frameworks and tasks.

Cedar Gate structures are helping clients recognize an incentive from over $96 billion of restorative experience related with chance based understandings and tasks that influence 3.4 million verified edalives. Cedar Gate is at the moment providing installment courses of action with 20+ significant lots of understanding and having arranged more that 2.25 million distinct gatherings.

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