The World Health Organization Confirms that Coronavirus is “Natural” and not Man-made

Despite all the controversial theories circulated on social media, medical experts believe that coronavirus is not artificially made. This statement has been further empathized by the World Health Organization (WHO) which confirms that coronavirus is natural and not made or leaked from a research laboratory.

The statement came last Friday when The World Health Organization when it assured the natural origin of this virus that has now become a global pandemic. Before that, the U.S President Donald Trump released a media statement that he knows that this virus is not natural and was made in a lab. He even said that he has “seen” the evidence that this virus has connections with the virology research lab in China.

On the other side, researchers believe this virus to be linked with animals that were transmitted to humans in China in November-December 2019. The initial cases indicated that the virus is possibly linked with Wuhan’s local seafood market which is famous for exotic animal meat sales.

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Last week, President Trump came up with this statement that he has seen the actual evidence that shows that this virus was originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Although it initiated a heated controversy and upon asking more questions, he refused to answer them and hence gave no supporting information to this statement.

Trump’s action was also raised in the virtual press conference of the World Health Organization.

The emergencies chief at the World Health Organization, Michael Ryan said that the agency has checked and gone through all information and evidence on the virus. It also shared consulting numerous researchers who analyzed the viral sequencing results.

He said that;  “We are assured that this virus is natural in origin,” confirming the initial stance of the health organization.

The World Health organization also shared that they want to be a part of the Chinese investigation plan which is searching for the zero patient and origin of this deadly virus. A pandemic that has killed more than 230,000 people in just five months has to be traced back to its basis.

But he said that it is more necessary to find out what is the natural host of this coronavirus. Considering the earlier assumption that it came from “bats” he said that it has to be clear that how did it transmit from bats to humans.

He also shared that the whole purpose of this investigation is to know where our healthcare systems lack. So that we can take the necessary prevention steps and measures and save billions of people from another pandemic in the future.

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also emphasized that coronavirus is natural and shared that the agency played its part well by alerting all the countries when it declared this COVID-19 breakout as a “public health emergency of international concern.”

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It was declared at the end of January when this virus was still new, unknown, and with less than 100 infected people without a causality.

In this meeting, he said that;  “We didn’t waste any time. The world had enough time to intervene.”

While considering COVID-19 as a global threat, the medical experts have issued a number of general health recommendations suggesting the potential role of WHO and all the countries. It also includes tracing the origins of this virus and how it made its first interaction with humans. Whether coronavirus is natural or not could only be proved with evidence in hand.

This pandemic is indeed a public health emergency that needs recognition and should be traced back to its origins. It is necessary so that if there is another pandemic in the future, healthcare units know what to on the right time.



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