500,000 Deaths in US, Yet Government Urges that the ‘Situation’ is Under-control

Deaths by Coronavirus

With increasing deaths every hour, this day marks 500,000 deaths by coronavirus in total worldwide. This statistical report is based on the latest database of  Johns Hopkins University, keeping a record of COVID-19 infections from months. In addition to these deaths, nearly 10 million people are currently infected with the coronavirus and seeking treatment.

The coronavirus cases in the US are surging in almost all states of the US. It makes the US appear like a ‘virus hotspot’ which is spreading cases everywhere. Nearly 1/3rd of these deaths are reported from the US.

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More than 31 US states have reported the highest increases in deaths by a coronavirus in the last two weeks. The new coronavirus cases were highest on last Friday (nearly 45,300) which are some 5,000 more than Thursday. This single-day increase is worrisome and terrifying both.

The governors of Texas as well as Florida state are all set to re-open local businesses as per new control guidelines. Even the hospitals are at high alert in these states, expecting an increase in new cases.

On the other side, the Trump administration urges that the whole situation of coronavirus in the US is under control. Recently, the first-ever briefing on Coronavirus Task Force at the US White House the VP, President Mike Pence announced that all US states would re-open in two months.

He further says that this is extraordinary progress in terms of controlling coronavirus cases.

On average, coronavirus is taking 600 lives per day. However, there has been a huge decrease in the cases after mid-April. Sill, the total number of people who died of coronavirus is highest than any other country.

These cases are significantly high in South America particularly in Brazil which has nearly 1.2 million cases and at least 57,000 deaths, Johns Hopkins’ database reports. One particular model in disease dynamics tells that the coronavirus deaths in Brazil would soon cross deaths in the US.

Considering this situation, medical experts are warning that these deaths might be much more than predicted deaths.

Gimena Sánchez-Garzoli from the WOLA, tells in one of her interviews that she doesn’t trust the official figures from the Brazilian government’s reports.

She also blames the Brazilian President, Mr. Jair Bolsonaro for keeping these reports non-transparent. According to her, the president is taking a prize in the form of this denial of coronavirus and preventive measures. In Brazil, the government is not imposing any lockdown in fact many of the governmental bodies consider it ordinary like the flu virus.

The list doesn’t end here. There are more American countries where the risk of coronavirus transmission is high. It includes Peru, Chile, and Mexico all of which have at least 200,000 official coronavirus positive cases. And the real number of cases is still unknown.

This whole situation looks so dreadful that the World Health Organization is predicting South America as the new coronavirus epicenter, after Wuhan.

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The original epicenter of coronavirus, China has no new coronavirus cases. However, there were coronavirus cases at the Bejing wholesale market recently. The authorities were quick this time for testing and this response of them is much likely to help in the viral spread.

Death by coronavirus infection is now making a stop in many European countries. NewZealand is among the very first countries to completely eradicate coronavirus cases. But Johns Hopkins database suggests that roughly 9.9 million people are suffering from this deadly virus and are desperately waiting for a treatment or vaccine.


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