Biden’s New Coronavirus Plan Can Save Millions of Americans from the Deadly Coronavirus

After staying in lockdown for a period of three months, the majority of the US states are reopening businesses and easing previously imposed restrictions. This has led to surges in new coronavirus cases in nearly all states. Therefore, people are increasingly looking towards new strategies that may bring the number of cases and death under control.

The US presidential elections, which are scheduled to be held in November of 2020, are expected to bring major changes in the country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The former Vice President and the current Democratic Party nominee, Joe Biden is the running against Donald Trump in the upcoming elections.

According to political commentators, the main focus of the American voters at the moment is primarily on potential changes in the healthcare system that can further improve the federal and state government’s response to the current health crisis.

This is why the introduction of new plans for controlling coronavirus is fairly important for both Trump and Biden.

Previously, the Trump administration has faced major backlash from the medical community as well as the general public for the lack of action for new coronavirus cases at the beginning of the pandemic.

Many of the health experts are also critical of the federal government’s strategy for the upcoming months of summer as testing for coronavirus has not been as efficient and at a larger scale as it should be.

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Amidst the build-up of criticism against actions for coronavirus pandemic, Joe Biden has created and announced a separate plan for improving the healthcare system of the country, which can thereby lead to better control over the pandemic.

In a recent blog post on the platform known as Medium, the public health advisory committee of the campaign for Biden has shared extensive details on new strategies for widespread testing and lowering the transmission of coronavirus.

The post covers areas ranging from maintaining the country’s economy while ending the health crisis to introducing specific plans in order to maximize testing at a big scale for coronavirus in all states alike.

Furthermore, another fundamental proposal of the response plan includes the creation of a “Pandemic Testing Board” specifically for the production of personal protective equipment for health care workers.

According to Biden’s public health advisory committee, the board resembles the US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s War Production Board, which was established during the time of the second world war to produce and meet the supply for war-related essentials.

For increasing the nationwide testing, the committee suggests using ‘smart testing’ that will primarily look at people who are at the highest risk of contracting coronavirus in all available labs, including those in research centers and universities.

In addition to all aforementioned strategies, the response plans also propose several other ways for the effective and faster tracing of new cases of coronavirus along with ways to enforce health guidelines.

At the same time, the committee clearly states that there are likely to be more new coronavirus cases as the time for taking such actions is limited.

The only way to avoid major spikes in the number of coronavirus cases that can also increase at the start of the flu season in fall is to follow the plan as soon as possible.

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