World Health Organization Announces Deadly Covid Surge in North Brazil

deadly Covid wave

The World Health Organization (WHO) has alarmed that North Brazil is experiencing the same deadly Covid wave which it passed during the start of this pandemic. The situation in the Northern side is worst especially in the capital city Manaus where thousands of new cases are being reported every day.

The local authorities are trying everything to control the spread of this virus, while the hospitals are full of patients and running out of beds, medicines, and oxygen. The whole Amazonas specifically Manaus is under extreme stress and fear because of the highest cases increase during the last two weeks.

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“The situation in Amazonas and particularly in Manaus has deteriorated significantly over the last couple of weeks,” WHO emergency director

Michael Ryan, emergency director at World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed that it is probably the most deadly Covid wave ever hit this area after last April when this pandemic started.

It is obvious that without any control, this deadly Covid wave is going to go worse in the coming days.

All the hospitals of Manaus are reaching their full capacity, the intensive care units (ICU) are 100% full for the last 14 days and hundreds of people are waiting to finally get a place in the hospitals to get treatment.

In addition to this, oxygen and basic protective gear shortage are adding up to the problems. Not only the public but healthcare experts, lab technicians, and hospital workers are also infected with the virus. All this is making the whole medical system face extreme pressure.

Michael Ryan calls this situation threatening and a point where normally an entire system starts to implode.

Till this date, Brazil has confirmed nearly 208,000 deaths caused by the deadly Covid-19 making it the second worst-hit country by this pandemic, after the US. Right now, the death rate is around 98 deaths per 100,000 residents. However, after this recent deadly Covid wave, the death rate in Amazonas is much higher that is 142 per 100,000 individuals.  This number has jumped to number three with and Brasilia (145) in second and Rio de Janeiro (158) in number one place.

This situation is not worsening in Amazonas alone. And there is a huge increase in daily Covid cases, all around brazil as well as the US.

There are fears that the new British variant of coronavirus, which is recently identified in Brazil is behind this rapid increase just like new viral surges in Britain as well as South Africa. However, Ryan says that it is probably not the major reason behind this deadly Covid wave. It is more linked with the basic pandemic behaviors, coinciding with Christmas and new year holidays.

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Although there is a new variant around and blaming this increase on the new variant is probably easier. However, it doesn’t mean that the new variant is behind all these viral spreads which are mainly caused by personal negligence, poor administration, and uncontrolled actions.

It is high time people start accepting it and play their part to control this pandemic. Without personal cooperation from the public, this pandemic is nowhere to end any time soon. The introduction of the new variant has made it hard for the situation to be managed but it doesn’t mean it is entirely impossible. Ryan urged that the public and administration have to act better than the virus to get over it.



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