How to Cut Sugar from Diet to Lose Weight?

cut sugar to lose weight
Image by Joseph Mucira from Pixabay

What if someone tells you that you can lose weight just by a small food swap? Health experts agree that if a person can cut sugar from his daily diet, he is most likely to lose weight within days. There is a popular seven-day sugar-free challenge trending on social media which is actually a good way to cut back extra sugar from your diet. Besides, you will definitely lose some weight so you can try following this challenge before an important day or event.

Here is how to cut sugar to lose weight within a few days.

Bid goodbye to snacks

Let’s be honest for a minute and accept that we all love sugary treats and most of us have them loaded in our pantry or kitchen drawer. Sugary snacks in all forms, be it energy bars, candy, cakes or artificial sweetener is bad for your health. The American Heart Association (AHA) suggests a general rule of thumb is to eat less than 25 grams of sugar per day (women) or 36 grams of sugar per day (men).

If you feel that you are craving sugar, stop for a minute and realize what will happen if you feast yourself with a sugary treat. Alternatively, also think about the weight loss which you will experience if you cut back sugar from your diet. It helps to make the decision.

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Take time to plan your food/order your food

If you pay attention the ‘think before you speak’ is equally important when it comes to dietary choices, and even more when someone asks you ‘what will you eat?’. The best way to cut sugar from diet for weight loss is by following a mindful eating approach. Just like how you take care of your carb intake, make sure that you are not overfeeding your body with sugar which will do no good except making you obese. Take out time to decide what are going to eat while planning your day, ordering food from the office, or checking the menu during a hangout or date.

Don’t drink empty calories

Interestingly, cutting back on sugar doesn’t mean to stop ‘eating’ the sugar only. It also applies to the sodas, flavored coffees, ice teas, and milkshakes that you drool upon. If you are finding it hard to break a habit, switch your regular sugary drink with a healthier option, for example, coconut water, unsweetened drinks, or fresh juices. If not completely helpful, these options will help to break your sugary drink addiction for good.

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Read food labels before buying/using

Most of us ignore to read food labels and have no idea what are we feeding to our bodies. Surprisingly sugary food not only includes candies and shakes but also a number of common foods that we never bothered checking for sugar. you would not believe but your favorite flavored yogurt, cereals, and even breakfast oats have more sugar than your daily sugar limit. If you want to eat something sweet, switch to natural sugars, for example, add fruits and nuts to your breakfast bowl instead of buying sugary cereals. This way, you can easily cut back on sugar to lose weight within days.


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