Health Experts Warn that Your Dietary Habits Can Kill You

dietary habits

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the narrative on the importance of health, diet, exercise, and people have actually started paying attention to the ways they can improve their health. diet, in particular, plays a huge part in how your body reacts in response to a pathogenic attack which suggests, it is time to improve your dietary habits and lower the risk of chronic diseases. According to health experts, the dietary habits of a person can add years to his life or increase the risk of early death.

It may surprise you but processed foods, which are always considered bad for health are not always behind your poor health. There are different categories in processed foods, some of them are highly processed while others are minimally processed.  According to nutritionists, some minimally processed foods can offer great health benefits while highly processed foods can cause extreme health issues.

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The study published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings says that taking ultra-processed foods increases the chances of death. But this is just one of the many poor dietary habits that people follow.

Next is eating red meat which is minimal to highly processed. The recent starts reveal that taking processed meats increases the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases, digestive disorders, and an early death too. It includes ham, canned meat, fermented or salted meat, deli meats, etc.

Similarly, eating excessive fried foods is also linked with heart diseases and diabetes, both of which shorten lives.

Along with that, added sugars which are inside so many ready-to-eat and partially cooked foods can increase the chances of diabetes-related morbidity and early death. Another study from Mayo Clinic Proceedings emphasizes not eating added sugars which are typically made from corn syrup. This high fructose intake can eventually lead to premature mortality.

Not just food but if you overconsume alcohol, these health risks will still remain high. Alcohol intake no matter how less or high you are taking is never risk-free. for example, those who take at least one drink per day experience a slight increase in risk for cancer especially colon cancer, liver cancer, and esophageal cancer. This risk gradually increases when the user increases his alcohol intake.

If there is already an underlying condition such as diabetes or heart problem, the chances of extreme side effects such as early death increase even more. Furthermore, all these problems associated with poor dietary habits add up to stress and make a person highly susceptible to mental health disorders such as general anxiety disorder and depression.

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All these problems, whether physical or mental can be once and for all avoided by improving dietary habits. The health experts emphasize following a balanced diet and quit alcohol, smoking, and other harmful habits that shorten the lifespan of a person.

If you are not sure what to eat and how much to eat, it is better to get professional help. Look around for options and connect to a certified nutritionist to discuss your dietary preferences, daily calories count intake, and a customized diet chart, if necessary.

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