What is Sparkling Water and Is it Healthy or Not?

sparkling water healthy

Sparkling water is a refreshing carbonated drink which is a healthy variant of sodas. This is water infused with Co2 gas which is completed under pressure which makes it confusing whether or not sparkling water is healthy.

The bubbly sparkling water is the newest trend and is commonly available as club soda, fizzy water, soda water as well as seltzer water. Most of its variants have added salt which somehow gives it a better taste. Some companies also add a number of other minerals to make it appear healthy; but is sparkling water really healthy?

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There is another product called sparkling mineral water which is different than sparkling soda water. These natural sparkling waters are collected from a spring and offers a number of minerals required for good health. However, many of these natural spring waters are also carbonated.

Not many people know that carbonated water is actually acidic and its pH is between 3 and 4. When carbon dioxide gas is added to the water, it creates a mild acid called carbonic acid. It doesn’t damage the body as it is a weaker acid but it can stimulate the nerve ends in the oral cavity. That’s why it initiates a prickly effect in the mouth which is somewhat enjoyable.

Health experts share safety concerns regarding the effects of sparkling water on dental health. Drinking it as a substitute for water or mineral water increases the threats for oral health. as it is acidic, there are high chances that it will completely damage the teeth enamel which protects the teeth from decay.

But there is limited research in this area and some of it explains that the damage caused by sparkling water is only a little more than other carbonated drinks. But mineral water is much less harmful as compared to any sugary soda.

There are chances that the carbonated sparkling water can change the digestion in a good way. There is plenty of data that suggests that sparkling water improves digestion by improving swallowing ability. It also causes the feeling of ‘fullness’ which helps to prevent overeating and hence weight gain. As compared to plain water, the fulfilling potential of sparkling water is much higher.

It also stays inside the stomach for a longer period, which means the user will not feel hungry for maximum time. It can prevent unhealthy eating, snacking, and hunger pangs which often lead to obesity.

Those who suffer from constipation are more likely to feel better after taking sparkling water, as it decreases the chances of constipation.

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One common risk associated with all carbonated drinks is that they affect the bone density, make the bones brittle, and lose their structure before older age. However, the research says that carbonated drinks are not the actual risk for bone health.

It may also have a beneficial role to play for high cholesterol, inflammation, and high sugar levels. This way sparkling water can actually be healthy for the heart but more extensive research will help to understand its benefits better.


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