Newborn Baby Miraculously Survived Three Heart Attacks

three heart attacks

The 17 days old baby was rushed to the hospital after one drop of milk accidentally reached to his lungs, initiating a heart attack followed by others, making three heart attacks in total.

Bertie Spencer almost choked while he was drinking milk from his bottle. The 23 years old mother Tonicha assumed it was nothing but within 30 minutes, Bertie started to turn blue, and then she realized there is something terribly wrong. The parents Tonicha and David rushed to the hospital emergency carrying their 17 years old newborn baby who they thought was dying.

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Fortunately, doctors were able to find the reason behind his condition and explained how one single drop of milk was forcing his heart to stop working. The parents made it to the hospital in time and within seconds, Bertie was under intensive care where his heart started to beat again. Doctors call this baby as a miracle child who has survived three heart attacks.

Tonicha and David have an older daughter Darcie, and Bertie was their second child. They shared that it is a condition that any parent is least likely to expect. When they were at the hospital they considered themselves in a situation that they have only seen on TV. It is just luck that they made it to the emergency in time otherwise, there was probably no chance of the baby surviving. The little Bertie is now doing well.

Doctors share that Bertie initially had acid reflux which his mother didn’t realize. But after he started to turn blue, it was a sign that his body is depriving of oxygen and his heart is failing to pump blood.

Thankfully, the parents called an ambulance and made it to the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham. Within eight minutes of reaching the hospital, Bertie experienced cardiac arrest. The parents were requested to leave the room while more than fifteen doctors and nurses gathered to attend little Bertie.

Tonicha shares how she was panicking because she was unable to understand what is wrong with her baby. At that time, both parents were questioning themselves on if their little son would make it or not. And the worst part is that both had no answer because everything happened so fast.

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Within a few minutes, doctors were able to trigger Bertie’s heart but right after first, he experienced two more heart attacks, each one of which lasted for three minutes. At this point, even doctors were unsure of what would happen next.

The doctors told the family to prepare for the worst situation and meet their son for the last time. But when Tonicha called him, his heart started to pick up the beat again. It was no less than magical that they were expecting the worst whereas Tonicha’s voice actually helped his heart to work.

After six hours, Bertie was finally stable and was shifted to the ICU where he spent the next five days under observation. It was all so expected and unbelievable that not only the parents but also the hospital staff were in an emotional phase. Watching Bertie now doesn’t tell anything on how this miracle baby survived three heart attacks but is completely healthy now.

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