Purple Toes by Covid-19 may Remain for Up to Five Months

Purple Toes by Covid-19

Covid toes is a rare condition that sometimes shows up after recovering and vanish on their own. The new study conducted by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has explained that these purple toes by Covid-19 can last for five months even after completely recovering from the virus.

Coronavirus causes inflammation in toes, making the skin change their color and turn blue or purple. Some people have also reported having blisters.

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For most people, these Covid toes healed on their own, within two weeks of recovery. But according to this new study, some people may experience it longer as it manifests their complete recovery period.

Coronavirus induces inflammation inside the body even in toes, turning them dark. Sometimes they can swell up like blisters and become extremely painful. These toes-related signs appear within a few days of getting infected and usually go away in the next few days. But those who may experience a ‘long Covid” can experience the purple toes for months.

This new study reveals that the cases reported are only a few and they suspect that the real number is much more. Contrary to popular opinion, purple toes by Covid-19 is much more common than it sounds.

Some of the previous data suggested that every one in twelve Covid patients fall for some type of skin relation complication. Despite so many cases, it is still not considered a sign of coronavirus. The researchers urge all health chiefs to add it as an official sign of coronavirus.

Earlier this year, researchers collaborated with the International League of Dermatological Societies and the American Academy of Dermatology to establish an international standard for the common Covid skin symptoms and manifestations.

Doctors who filled the records of Covid patients in the month of April were recalled a few months later to get an update of their skin-related conditions.

Nearly 1000 cases of different coronavirus related skin manifestations were recorded in more than 30 countries. Half of these patients experienced purple toes by Covid-19 and 16% ended up at hospitals for their skin-related complications.

It is hard to believe how a respiratory virus can turn a person’s toes blue or purple and that too after recovery. Dermatologists explain that most skin manifestations are caused by the body’s own immune system and not the pathogen. For this very condition, a hypersensitivity of the immune system is the real culprit.

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Some researchers have even added this Covid toe as the fourth signature sign of Covid-19 along with cough, loss of taste or smell, and fever.

Many of the skin manifestations were reported by the Covid-19 patients however it was not confirmed if all of them are caused by the virus and not any other factor. But for the safe side, health experts urge people to talk to their doctor as soon as possible if they see an unusual body rash or discoloration in any part of the body, after recovering. Typically the Covid toes or purple toes by Covid-19 lasts for 15 days but those with long hauls may have to tolerate for a few months.



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