UK to Impose New Rule on COVID-19 Pandemic this Friday

new rule on the COVID-19 pandemic

UK is imposing a new rule on the COVID-19 pandemic management this week for keeping the people safe from this deadly virus. This rule is regarding pubs, restaurants, salons, cafes, and other public recreational places i.e. zoo.

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that this new rule on the COVID-19 pandemic may affect people who are making the hangout or picnic plans this weekend. It also applies to people who are all set to get a new hair cut or any salon treatment, watch a movie in the cinema, or planning bowling with friends. All in all, all recreational spots will be bound to keep a track of everyone who has attended them except for people who don’t enter inside the building i.e. takeaway food orders.

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For now, this was a volunteer thing and local businesses were advised to do it for their own good but from this Friday, it will be mandatory for all shop owners, companies, and businesses to follow it. The details that they are asked to maintain include name, contact details, and residence details.

This new rule on the COVID-19 pandemic is not fully deified yet but may apply to salons where people come for a hair cut because of the ‘too close’ contact with the customer and service provider. This information has to be maintained for 21 days and after this time, it will be handed over to the NHS for record-keeping and re-examining if they want to trace a contact.

Under this new rule, any person who doesn’t want to comply will immediately be refused to enter inside the eatery or entertainment center. Businesses that fail to follow this rule will be subjected to penalties and fines. The fine can also be imposed if any eatery or any other business fails to take the information from visitors especially in large groups (six or more people).

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Matt Hancock, the British Secretary of Health and Social Care say that NHS is trying everything to trace people, identify the potentially infected person so that they can be treated. This new rule on the COVID-19 pandemic will help to return back to normal life soon. But without complete control over the new cases, it is almost impossible, which is why the local businesses and visitors should comply with this new rule.

He also said that the healthcare system may not work well without public cooperation which is why the government is trying best to do everything that it can. It has already specified the information collection centers for NHS which are encouraged to be contacted by the local businesses for controlling the pandemic.

Under this new rule, all local businesses will be bound to collect information from their customers and visitors that have entered into their premises.  In addition to this, all these local businesses will also contain details of all their employees or staff present on working days. Like mentioned before, this information will be kept for 21 days after which it will be handed over to the NHS Test and Trace center.

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