Woman Celebrates First Wedding Anniversary with Husband Who Happens to be a ‘TREE’

Tree husband

One year ago, the mother of two left her boyfriend and married a tree. This year, she is celebrating her first anniversary with her tree husband sharing that her son is not very fond of their ‘new dad’.

Kate Cunningham from the Sefton, Merseyside has married a tree and named him Elder, saying that she is in love with this tree and wants to liver her life peacefully with him. She also said that the ‘couple’ has no plans of separation or divorce, although Kate’s teenage son is a little embarrassed about this whole story.

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The 38 years old, mother of two shared that her first wedding anniversary is nothing but ‘paper’.  Kate is extremely happy and overjoyed over her decision of marrying a tree which is reportedly located at Rimrose Valley Country Park.  They were ‘married’ last year.

Kate has worked as a teaching assistant in the past, she says that visiting the country park somehow introduced her to nature, and ever since she has met ‘Elder’ her tree husband, she is ‘tree-voted’ for her whole life.

Trees are important in fact they are the first-ever thing to support a human life possible on earth. Meeting this tree immediately gave Kate a feeling that it’s the one for her. She shares that she likes to climb this tree whom she has named Elder.

Kate is extremely happy with her decision. Upon answering the details of her little first-anniversary party, she told that she went to a party with the tree husband along with her two best friends. They enjoyed a small toast with the elderflower champagne and it was nothing but perfect.

Kate says that during the past whole year, not for once she thought that what she has done was wrong and she shouldn’t have gone for it in the first place. She calls her decision best for that time and to this date, she has no regrets.

Despite people laughing at her choices, she still calls this decision as to the best decision of her life. According to Kate, her tree husband has made her a better person, she feels more confident and self-reliant than before. It’s like her life has got a whole new purpose ever since she has married.

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Kate has even changed her surname to Elder so that she can truly embrace her new relationship. She expects people to take her and her tree husband more seriously and see how has this decision made her a better person.

Upon asking her ‘love story’ Kate shares that one day she was randomly exploring the park and all of a sudden, she saw Elder. The first thing that she thought after watching this oak tree was that yes, he is the one for her. According to her, this tree is nothing like other trees in the park. She even claims to walk the whole park to see if there are other similar trees. But this one stands still among all, telling Kate that he is not just any tree.

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