McDonald’s is Soon to Launch its First Meatless Burger

McDonald's Meatless Burger

McDonald’s is soon to launch its new meatless and plant-based burger which would be called ‘McPlant’. The company shared its new product on Monday, explaining that many people prefer eating meatless burgers and there was no option to cater to their demand previously.

One of the biggest competitors of McDonald’s, Burger King launched its meatless burger back in 2019 to meet the demands of a veg-burger. This burger was introduced in April 2019 and was basically a vegetarian version of its famous Whopper burger.

Other big food chains like Dunkin’ and Starbucks are already working on launching new products as vegetarian and vegan consumers tend to increase. As people are becoming more aware of the nutrients, food sources, and alternative food, the demand, and consumption of these vegetarian and vegan-friendly options are increasing.

This meatless burger would be the newest option on McDonald’s menu. There are many other companies which have worked on creating products which taste like meat and some of them even look like meat too. But this McDonald’s McPlant will be available from the next year.

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The famous fast-food chain hasn’t described if it will start collaborating with beyond Meat alone or considering more suppliers too. As for its other products, it has not one or two but multiple suppliers.

On the other side, the market shares of Beyond Meat have dropped by 4% after this announcement by McDonald’s came forward.

McDonald’s is also reportedly working on other plant-based products that could substitute chicken, egg, or bacon, especially in their breakfast menu. This new idea is a big opportunity to extend McDonald’s market and make loyal customers stick to McDonald’s only.

But introducing new products doesn’t mean that the company will compromise on its flagship products. Big Mac, fries, and McNuggets are three of,  most popular and loved McDonald’s products. Only these three products account for nearly 70% of sales of this fast-food franchise worldwide.

The demand for McDonalds food has increased during this pandemic period. The company shared that introducing new products would have no impact on the quality and popularity of the classics.

Mcdonalds is also planning to work on new chicken made products as they are more popular than the beef products. Considering the high demand for McDonalds spicey nuggets, it is planning to introduce a new crispy chicken sandwich that would be launched in 2021.

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McDonald’s sales have been drastically increasing ever since the coronavirus pandemic has started. The company is also developing an online forum to engage clients. It is also making changes to its loyalty program, adding new incentives for returning customers.

It has also shared the idea to build the drive-in outlets which will only provide the pre-ordered meals through online sources.

The big fast-food company experienced a 2% decrease in the coronavirus pandemic in the third quarter of this year. Before, there was a nearly 30% reduction in the McDonalds sale. Almost all McDonald’s franchisees were opened throughout this year.


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