Trump Still Supports Using the Anti-Malarial Drug, Hydroxychloroquine for Coronavirus

anti-malarial drug

President Donald Trump is once again supporting the anti-malarial drug calling it an effective treatment against coronavirus despite no scientific evidence present to support his claims. He has also challenged the credibility of the country’s leading infectious disease expert.

Dr. Anthony Fauci however despite the criticism he received says he will continue to do his job.

Meanwhile, several studies on the anti-malarial drug, hydroxychloroquine reveal the drug as an ineffective treatment for coronavirus. Now the U.S Food and Drug Administration has also withdrawn an order that had previously allowed the drug to be used during emergency coronavirus treatments.

Hydroxychloroquine has been a drug usually used to treat illnesses like malaria, lupus, and arthritis. It has been used to help reduce inflammation and fever which is possibly why people presume it might benefit coronavirus patients.

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According to one of the largest studies in the world however, the contrary is proven true. The recovery trial run by Oxford University is a study that involves about 11,000 patients suffering from coronavirus in hospitals across the country. In the study, researchers included testing whether hydroxychloroquine would prove beneficial against the illness besides other possible treatments.

The study concluded that the anti-malarial did not exhibit any valuable effects in patients who suffered from coronavirus. Since they discovered it offered no benefits for coronavirus patients, they have pulled the drug out of the trial.

The president had however taken a trip to North Carolina to promote efforts for the development of a vaccine for coronavirus. Despite these efforts, he still appears to offer unfaltering support to the anti-malarial drug.

The president also seemed to appreciate a twitter post from a former White House advisor, Steve Bannon who accused Dr. Anthony Fauci of misinforming the nation against hydroxychloroquine.

Fauci has been a leading member of the coronavirus task force at the White House. On Tuesday he appeared on a television show on ABC and publicly pushed back.

Fauci said he goes along with the FDA. He has been a director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He added that he has looked at clinical trials that have studied the benefits of the drug against coronavirus and the results don’t support its use against the disease.

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Peter Navarro is the president’s top trade adviser, he too disagreed with Fauci over the drug and recently wrote a piece against the doctor in a newspaper that later called it unfit for their publishing standards.

Trump however openly refers to Fauci as a kind of alarmist and accuses him of falling short with his guidance regarding the coronavirus for the American masses.

Fauci isn’t letting anything stop him from informing the public and doing his job, however. He claims he doesn’t read tweets and he doesn’t go on the platform. He thinks the health crisis is more important and he will do whatever it takes to do the right thing. Fauci reminds people this is what he has been professionally trained to do and he will, therefore, continue to do what his job calls for.

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