Doctor Declares Finding the Cure For Coronavirus Infection

cure for coronavirus

A doctor has gone viral since making a statement in which she claimed she knows the cure for coronavirus. In a recording, standing next to a group of supposed doctors in white coats, the video has since been widely viewed by not only by people but also doctors.

Dr. Stella Immanuel is a Houston GP from the United States, on the steps of Capitol Hill in Washington, she stood next to other doctors claiming she has treated successfully above 350 people who were suffering from coronavirus using hydroxychloroquine.

The doctor explained she had attended medical school in Nigeria where she had been treating several malaria patients using the drug which even President Donald Trump claims can treat or prevent coronavirus.

Dr. Immanuel believes the drug works but shortly after it garnered 20 million views on Facebook it was removed. Still, however, the video is making rounds on social media.

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In the video, she is recorded to have been saying “I’m here because I have personally treated over 350 patients with COVID,”

She also continued to claim that not only does she take the drug herself as a preventative measure but also knows her staff and other doctors take hydroxychloroquine also.

She says the hospital sees at least 10 to 15 patients daily and though they give their patients breathing treatments the staff only wears surgical masks. She claims no one has gotten sick therefore it must mean the treatment works.

Dr. Immanuel emphasizes that Americans don’t need to die and the death toll for the coronavirus that has reached 148,000 can be reduced.

Her sentiments however come from a group called America’s Frontline Doctors, a label that has quickly received mass criticism.

The group has only recently put up an official website that claims that the group just wants Americans to stop living in fear and consuming words fed by media personalities who are making their decisions for the.

Anand Swaminathan is an emergency medicine doctor; he calls the group’s advocation for hydroxychloroquine to be complete nonsense.

He took to twitter saying “This is the message of hucksters, not doctors,”

He pointed out studies that proved the drug useless against coronavirus. He challenged the group to publish the results of their findings.

In response, Dr. Immanuel said she thinks the double-blind study is unethical and she doesn’t need to carry out anything of the sort.

Many others however did continue to question the group on social media platforms like Twitter. People began questioning their credentials and also pointed out the odd fact that their lab coats were matching.

Many asked which hospital they were affiliated with, whether they worked anywhere and why they stood without masks on their faces.

The group includes ophthalmologists, psychiatrist, and an orthopedic surgeon

The leader of the group, Dr. Simone Gold has attended a radio conservative show and a podcast to talk about the merits of the drug as a cure for coronavirus.

A Facebook spokesperson has since then commented on the removal of the aforementioned video calling it a source of false information regarding the treatments and cure for coronavirus.

Supporters of the group however still see the information as an eye-opener calling the issue the largest scandal in the modern history of America.

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