Trump finds US with Highest Number Coronavirus Cases as a “badge of honor”

Trump might spread coronavirus
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The U.S President Trump is often associated with controversial statements and his role is even more popularized during this coronavirus pandemic for making weird statements. First, he accused China of ‘causing’ this pandemic and then said that he has seen ‘proof’ that this virus was leaked from Wuhan Lab. Next in line was his suggestion to drink disinfectant to prevent coronavirus and use anti-malarial drugs to treat coronavirus patients. The latest addition to Trump’s controversial statements is calling the coronavirus positive cases a badge of honor for the US.

He says that he watches this situation differently than other people and having so many positive cases means that the US has the best testing facility which has eventually reported such a high number of positive cases. But is this really a ‘badge of honor’ for the US?

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Trump made this new statement in the cabinet meeting today when he was told the high number of coronavirus tests being conducted in the USA.

He said;

“When we have a lot of cases, I don’t look at that as a bad thing — I look at that in a certain respect as being a good thing because it means our testing is much better. … So I view it as a badge of honor, really.”

Right now, there are nearly 1.59 million coronavirus cases in the USA which makes somewhat 14% of the total tests conducted. In the US, coronavirus has infected more than 91,000 people and it is still affecting more people every day.

President Trump’s response in this situation is debatable which has made him reach headlines again for making such statements. He reportedly gave this answer while being asked about traveling ban on Latin America, in particular to Brazil which is the third-highest affected country by a coronavirus, after the US on first and Russia on the second number.

Trump shared that the US government is considering the option of imposing a travel ban on its citizens but he said that  “We hope that we’re not going to have a problem. The governor of Florida is doing very, very well testing — in particular, Florida because a big majority come into Florida. Brazil has gone more or less herd, and they’re having problems.”

He also shared that he worries about all these things and the purpose of the travel ban is to protect American citizens from coronavirus. Not putting the travel restrictions mean subjecting the entire population at high health risk.

With these unusual words of calling the U.S to have a ‘badge of honor” over coronavirus cases, Trump is once again under high criticism. The majority of people believe that the U.S is going through probably the most difficult times right now and praising his so-called “good management of coronavirus” by calling it progressive is not a wise idea.

The majority of US citizens believe it to be just another way of taking forward the “America First” slogan.  Joe Biden, the presidential opponent for the next elections also made a statement that if he got elected as the new president, he would probably not grant the presidential pardon to Trump for all his ‘potential crimes’.

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These potential crimes also include controversial statements that president Trump often likes to make but is often spared from prosecution. However, it might not be the same after a few months. In any case, it is too early to say if Trump would face the consequences of his controversial statements. However, the next presidential elections are not very far away, and everyone’s eyes are waiting to know if Trump would be re-elected or face a trial.





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