Use of Face Masks Helped Lower Covid-19 Deaths, CDC

Covid-19 deaths

The recent decline in the number of cases and Covid-19 deaths in the US occurred due to people following the guidelines. A recent report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that the fatalities due to the virus reduced in the states where more people used face masks and maintained social distancing. Meanwhile, in the states where they eased the guidelines and allowed people to dine in restaurants, the cases and number of deaths increased. 

Moreover, this study shows that the countries which strictly implemented the use of face masks observed fewer Covid-19 deaths. According to the report, the strategies recommended by the CDC are based on evidence and backed by research. Therefore, they help against limiting the spread of coronavirus. Mostly, the virus transmits when a person inhales the droplets from the mouth of an infected person. Hence, a face mask can effectively help limit the spread of the virus from one person to another. 

The CDC suggests that people should avoid social gatherings or go to restaurants during the coronavirus pandemic. These shared spaces can spread the virus since most people interact without using a face mask. This may work as a breeding ground for the virus and cause several infections. 

Recently, several states in the US decided to end the mask mandate in the coming days. These announcements come when the US is encountering new coronavirus variants that have more transmission ability than the previous strain. This decision caused worry among the scientific community and experts as it can increase Covid-19 cases and deaths in the country again. 

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Over the past few weeks. the cases in the US declined consistently as the vaccine started rolling out. So far, the US has approved three vaccines for administration all across the country. Meanwhile, according to the report by the CDC, the mask mandate across the country helped lower the coronavirus cases and deaths only in 20 days of the implementation of this rule.

On the contrary, loosening the restrictions caused a spike in coronavirus cases. The report suggests that on-site dining in restaurants caused an increase in the daily reported coronavirus cases within 41 to 100 days of the implementation of these new rules. Moreover, the daily count of Covid-19 deaths increased after 61 to 100 days of the implementation. 

The CDC stated in the report that the mask mandate is proven to reduce the number of coronavirus cases. Also, it helped reduce the number of deaths according to the previous data. Moreover, the US states should consider banning on-site dining in restaurants to limit the spread of the virus. These restrictions can help lower the number of cases in the communities with a high level of threat. 

Experts suggest maintaining the coronavirus guidelines during this crucial time since the new variants are emerging every day. Moreover, easing the restrictions at this time can cause loss of progress due to the mask mandate and restrictions. Therefore, following the guidelines is more important now than ever due to the new emerging coronavirus variants. 

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