Our Team

Areeba Hussain (Contributor) – Areeba works as a Microbiologist and a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. Graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology from Forman Christian College, she is keenly interested to write about pathogenic interactions and how they affect human health. She has six original publications (national) in pharmaceutical sciences. Most of her blog writings are on microbial interactions, pathogenesis, diagnostics, antibiotic resistance, and general health.

Khadija Malik (Contributor)- Khadija is a Biological Sciences graduate and working as a freelance writer with TheHealthMania. Her writings reflect her interest in disease prevalence, medical treatments, weight loss, nutrition, and healthcare.

Mishal Shaheen (Contributor)- Mishal holds a degree in Nutrition and Diet and is currently working with a non-profit organization as a nutritional expert. She is a freelance medical writer and associated with Thehealthmania for the last few months. Most of her work is about medical research-based news.

Adeena Tariq (Contributor)- Adeena holds an OMFS degree from the Dow University of Health Sciences. She has always been passionate about delivering high-quality content about fitness, medical, and physical health. She mainly writes about ongoing trending health news, products, medical advancements, and health-related technologies. Before joining Health Mania, Adeena worked for many well-reputable health blogs and sites.