How Cathartic Is Rage Therapy During Covid-19?

rage therapy
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Some people often experience rage with the sudden urge to smash objects in their surroundings due to various triggers. Some experts believe that rage is a positive expression, while others consider it negative. Therefore, a split opinion exists if expressing anger is a sign of good mental health or not. 

Most people need to go through behavioral therapy to control their anger issues when they get beyond control. It helps modify their behavior towards the factors that trigger this response. Generally, people believe that they need to minimize this behavior to achieve good mental health. 

According to a theory, the expression of anger helped humans evolve with time. Moreover, research shows that this behavior helps people achieve their goals and improve their life. It can also improve the ability to make decisions and improve judgment. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, these expressions became more common as people lost their jobs or simply had to stay cooped up inside their house. Staying in a small space for a long period can become frustrating and cause the expression of negative emotions. Meanwhile, to tackle this problem, several rage rooms opened in many areas to help people with anger issues. 

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Some people opt for rage therapy to keep these emotions under control when they hinder their day-to-day life. This therapy sometimes involves a rage room where people can smash stuff and show anger. These rooms are specifically built for people to destroy the objects around them. Sometimes, they also feature fake furniture, television, or random objects to give a realistic feeling. 

Nowadays, online scream clubs are also highly popular where you can log in to your account and scream into the microphone. Some people find this therapy cathartic and relieving. These strategies are not backed by extensive research or scientific evidence. However, they may serve some obvious benefits for good mental health. 

Most people feel angry when they feel helpless in a situation and can not do much about it. This lack of control frustrates them which results in the expression of anger and rage. Therefore, letting out anger can help take control of the situation and feel empowered in your surrounding. 

Even though letting out anger may seem like a cathartic idea, there are some potential negative effects to this practice as well. If the expression becomes violent or goes uncontrolled, it can become a threat to the people in the surroundings. Meanwhile, during the coronavirus pandemic, people are spending most of their time inside the home. This situation can lead to a dangerous outcome if someone shows anger without control. 

Another side effect of rage therapy involves the fact that you can not address the underlying issues that cause this problem in the first place. This may lead to further aggressive behavior if gone unnoticed for too long.

Several cases of domestic violence came forward during the lockdown of the coronavirus pandemic. In this situation, people had to stay inside their homes for months without any other place to vent out their feelings of anger. This factor played an important role in the increasing reports of domestic violence. 


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