Trump Blames COVID-19 Cases in the United States for Bad Election Campaigns Results 

COVID-19 Cases in the United States
Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

U.S President Donald Trump is set back to the rally tour along with three upcoming campaign events in Pennsylvania while he blames COVID-19 Cases in the United States for the poor campaign results. According to him, the coronavirus cases are interfering with his presidential campaigns in Pennsylvania.

There were three upcoming rallies scheduled in the US state of Pennsylvania. This state has been one of his biggest support areas which also helped him to win the 2016’s Presidential elections. Poll results extracted by the University of Wisconsin / YouGov poll revealed that Biden (52) is leading Trump (44) in Pennsylvania with a clear 8-point lead.

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President Trump just returned from the campaigns in New Hampshire, and Maine. But Trump is blaming COVID-19 cases in the United States to hold back his campaigns as there is a steady response seen towards these campaigns. Although it is almost impossible not to link coronavirus with any major event this year, Trump’s accusation of how this virus is affecting American Presidential elections is frivolous.

He calls these COVID-19 polls fake and blamed that fake media news is behind creating this hype. He says that the recovery rate in young persons is high so this whole reporting is a conspiracy to affect the election campaigns.

He has also called his opponent for dishonesty and how media is helping him to coverup the real coronavirus cases. He also urges Americans to vote for him without falling for these traps.

This same poll results from the University of Wisconsin reported that Joe Biden is leading Trump in the states of Michigan as well as Wisconsin.

The US President Donald Trump has been diagnosed positive for COVID-19 a few weeks ago. While all public gatherings and events are to be on hold during the coronavirus pandemic, the President said that he has to meet and interact with people so he is all ready to take this risk.

Initially, he was forced to put a pause on his re-election campaign but he has returned to attend the events after the doctors from the White House give him a clear chit to take a part in these rallies.

Despite tested positive, he is rarely seen wearing a mask and when he was asked about the precautionary measures, he said that it is still possible to catch the virus even if you are wearing a mask. He also said that being the President he can’t be expected to sit in one room and do nothing while waiting for the pandemic to be over.

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Trump called the lockdown to control coronavirus as “unconstitutional’ saying that it is all for political gains. He also called himself a ‘superman’ while addressing one of his election rallies explain how an experimental treatment for coronavirus has improved his immunity to this infection.

The US is the worst-hit country by the coronavirus pandemic where the cases have increased to 8.7 million, with the highest death rate worldwide. Most of these cases are reported from the Black or Hispanic communities which are also much likely to lose their life to the pandemic, says a Brookings Institution report.




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