Study Explains the Scientific Way to Quit Smoking

scientific way to quit smoking
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Smoking is injurious to health, and it is no more a secret. But to quit smoking, one has to go through so much that it almost feels like an impossible target. Although smoking habits have changed since the 1950’s and now lesser people are smoking in routine. Yet this number is significantly high, for example, CDC confirms that smoking causes 480,000 annual deaths in the US alone. The new study talks about the scientific method to quit smoking, making it an easy and more achievable target for smokers.

Even secondhand smoking exposure is linked with more than 41,000 deaths mainly caused by heart problems, lung diseases, and stroke. Approximately 400 young kids die by this second-hand smoking exposure. This smoke increases the risk of respiratory failure, infant death syndrome, ear infections, and asthma.

The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that smoking is related to multiple health conditions that collectively infect nearly 16 million Americans every year. While the doctors suggest all smokers to quit smoking, leaving it for once and all seems tricky and impossible. Many companies have launched certain products which help to get over the nicotine addiction. However, a new study from the research team of the University of Vermont has provided a new scientific way to quit smoking.

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This new study investigated the effects of lowering nicotine among habitual smokers. These vulnerable and habitual smokers were taken from the general public.

During the study, these smokers were asked to follow their usual smoking routine as well as the special cigarettes that were tested through this study. The regular cigarettes have a high amount of nicotine in them and on the other side, the special cigarettes used in this study had low nicotine content. These low nicotine cigarettes are considered less harmful and much cheaper than regular cigarettes.

The price of cigarettes was a big concern for the study participants and most of them were more inclined towards low-cost, low-nicotine cigarettes.

The participants included 169 people who identify themselves as daily smokers. Out of this, 120 were women and 49 were men. The final results of this study revealed that otherwise healthy, and more stable participants experienced lesser addiction while using the special low nicotine cigarettes.

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The US FDA is already working on changing and lowering the nicotine levels in regular cigarette brands within the coming years. Although this process is lengthy it is only achievable periodically. Using low-nicotine cigarettes is the scientific way to quit smoking especially among people who are highly addicted to nicotine.

Although these cigarettes will help to overcome nicotine addiction or smoking it still possesses a danger for smokers. It doesn’t mean that a person will be free from the side effects of nicotine if he is using low-nicotine cigarettes. It is just a little help to get over the smoking addiction. If a person wants to quit using cigarettes completely, trying low-nicotine cigarettes is probably the first thing. Added into a special anti-smoking therapy, quitting smoking seems like a possible thing.



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