Rita Ora Apologized for Violating Lockdown Rules with her Glam Birthday Party

birthday party lockdown

Rita Ora has recently issued an apologizing post on her Instagram after she violated Covid-19 lockdown rules by hosting a grand party for her 30th birthday. The singer booked Casa Cruz restaurant located in Notting Hill, London while dressed up in a dazzling silver outfit paired with a fur coat.

UK is currently going through a lockdown where all social gatherings are banned till December 2, till further notice. This lockdown was imposed after the Covid-19 cases started to emerge in the UK again. Watching the singer ignoring a public health emergency for her birthday party has somehow infuriated the fans as they have openly criticised her and her guestlist, calling them ‘selfish’, ‘stupid’ and ‘egocentric’.

The pictures posted online at leading news sites showed Rita and her sisters leaving the party holding booze which was Rita’s own label for tequila. After these pictures were posted online, fans reached out to her through social media, urging an apology.

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Rita’s statement on breaking this lockdown rule with her birthday party said that she intended to make it a small gathering with friends. It was not pre-decided and was more of a ‘spur of the moment thing’. She also admitted that she was under an impression that coming out of lockdown made her feel that this is the right decision to have some fun.

Rita also said that she is sorry for violating the lockdown rules and she understands that steps like these could possess serious threats to people’s lives. She also wrote that she is taking full responsibility for her unpardonable judgment error.

The world is going through such a hard time when Covid-19 cases are on the rise again. Health experts warn people to limit their social interaction and follow the precautions to avoid contracting the virus.

Rita said that she is too embarrassed about this act, knowing how healthcare workers and administration are working in the front-line to save lives. The sacrifices made by these people just to keep the public safe is remarkable. Despite the fact that this apology probably makes things right, it gives a good message that the singer has accepted her mistake and is taking full responsibility for it.

Some sources also confirm that she has paid a volunteer fine which is around £10,000 fine on her wrongdoing.

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Last night, some policemen were also seen around the restaurant who confirmed that they have received a phone call to report a breach of lockdown rules.

These sources also confirm that Rita and her guests were fully dressed and ready to enjoy a fun night. All of them used the back entrance to enter the building and didn’t use the main entrance.

Furious fans took out their anger on social media and most of them bashed Rita for breaking the law, shamefully, calling her a grown-up child, irresponsible and selfish.

The current guidelines in the UK have banned all types of gatherings and restaurants are closed too. They are only offering the takeaway orders right now. Rita’s glam birthday party is a clear violation of the lockdown rules but it is a good thing that she has realized it and apologized to her fans.