How to Avoid Cabin Fever During the Winters?

cabin fever
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Cabin fever is a commonly used term for a number of symptoms including irritability, loneliness, a sense of loss of control, and feelings of sadness that a person may develop and experience due to staying indoors for a long period of time especially during the colder months of the year.

According to research, people who live far away from their families and stay in isolation for a long period of time because of the harsh weather outside with little to no in-person socialization are at the highest risk of having these signs.

However, this season may be different than before. More precisely, people who experience cabin fever may have an even harder time coping with the symptoms and staying mentally stable.

This is because of the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic and associated changes in the lifestyles of people across the globe. Since the beginning of the year, social isolation, quarantine, and stay-at-home policies have been imposed in nearly all countries.

While such restrictions helped in controlling transmission of the coronavirus infection, they had a lot of negative outcomes as well. As a result, many people have been experiencing mental health issues, specifically depressive episodes and high levels of anxiety.

In the past few weeks, coronavirus outbreaks have been happening all around the world once again, which means the second wave of the infection has started. Therefore, there is a need for restrictions once again.

During the colder seasons, the policies for the control of the coronavirus infection are likely to be tougher than before since there are more challenges including that of flu cases and flu-covid cases.

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Consequently, people will be stuck at home during the holiday season and harsh winters, which will then impact their mental health as well as increase the risk of developing cabin fever.

To prevent this from happening, health experts advise taking a number of measures as soon as possible including limiting social media time.

The use of social media can be helpful at the moment only if the time spent on it is limited as using it constantly can instead lead to unhealthy behaviors.

Many people also become obsessed with perpetually keeping up with the updates on the situation of the pandemic or similar news. Instead of doing so, try using social media to connect with family and friends.

Doing so will also help in getting rid of feelings of loneliness especially for people who live away or alone and cannot return during the holiday season.

Another important tip is finishing the tasks around the house. Because of the pandemic, many have chosen to delay chores or things to do including cleaning or organizing activities.

Prepare a schedule and add all of the activities of the day to it. This will help in both setting a routine and completing all tasks on time as well as gaining a sense of control over life.

Lastly, do not forget the basics of staying physically and mentally healthy including getting eight hours of sleep, consuming healthy food, and exercising.


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