‘COVID-19 Passport’ For Travelling in 2021

COVID-19 passport

COVID-19 pandemic made 2020 an extremely hard year which changed everything from the economy, travel, health, and relationships. As the new year is approaching, there are new questions raised on traveling in 2021. Some of the experts say that people might need to carry two passports from next year, one the regular passport and another, the COVID-19 passport.

Many people don’t know but many companies are working on developing various asps that can be used as a COVID-19 passport for people. These apps will contain information on the COVID-19 vaccine and the tests which were conducted on him to diagnose the virus. Any verification from these apps will be later on used during traveling in 2021, or to attend any large, public gathering i.e., weddings, concerts, etc.

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Common Trust Network is one of such companies that is working on developing these passports. It has collaborated with certain airlines such as Swiss Air Lines, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Cathay Pacific, and others.

This app is named as “CommonPass app” where every user can add entries on COVID-19 testing along with any suggestion or proof obtained from a certified medical professional confirming that a person has received both doses of the vaccine.

Interestingly, this app will not reveal any personal data or information and it will create a QR code. This code can be picked by any scanner used by airline staff members or any security company. Moreover, it will also contain information on certain health requirements where a person is traveling in 2021.

Any time when a person travels, he can be tested but he can’t be vaccinated. This COVID-19 passport or the app will allow people to travel safely to any part of the world, without subjecting themselves and others at a risk.

This company is not the only developer of these COVID-19 vaccine apps, IBM is also working on establishing a Digital Health Pass, and this digital wallet will contain all health-related information including test reports, vaccination records,s and temperature details. All of these entries will be saved in the app and can be viewed anytime.

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Lastly, some companies are trying to design smart cards that can be used in place of smartphones.

All this struggle is to establish digital records that can be used anywhere and by anyone. It will not only be accessible through phones but also through other sources to help people who may not have a smartphone or valid internet connection everywhere.

With so many companies working on making health records and information easy, it looks like traveling in 2021 will be safer and easier than all years before. While there is still no information on whether or not a person can transmit the virus after receiving the vaccine, any development in making traveling safer will be helpful. Unless there is a permanent solution available for this virus, technological interventions like these COVUD-19 will be a great initiative to ensure safety.


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