London Police Arrested a Man Who Sold Fake Coronavirus Cure Kits in the US and France

Fake Coronavirus Cure Kits

London Police has caught a man who was reportedly trying to export some suspicious items through the post office situated in Western Sussex. Upon inquiry, it turned out that he was selling fake coronavirus cure kits to people in France and the US.

This man, identified as Frank Ludlow has pleaded guilty over sending these fake remedial kits to people for making money. The 59 years old was trying to earn money over an international health crisis which is both legally and morally wrong.

Judge William Mousley at Portsmouth Crown Court announced a 10months imprisonment sentence to the Frank Ludlow.

This case came into notice after an official from US Customs attended Ludlow’s parcels at Los Angeles International Airport. These parcels were labeled as  “Trinity Covid-19 SARS Antipathogenic Treatment” which looked 100% suspicious.

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The US customs then alerted London’s police with the residential details of this man. With these details, he was soon traced and eventually caught by the police.

It was presented to the court that Ludlow sent more parcels in various cities of the US and France. He has accepted sending all these parcels and added that he is into this business for the last 17 years.

Although he never got his cures, i.e. fake coronavirus cure kits tested from a laboratory for efficacy, still he is confident that they are very helpful in killing the virus. He also shared the plans of making thousands of these kits and delivering them to the vulnerable people. He was also reported to send a message to one of his friends that says; “Thank god for Covid-19” which shows his aim of earning money out of a crisis.

Ludlow has admitted all these allegations manly on medical offenses but he completely denied to accept the charges of fraud, saying that his products are not a fraud. Although the Judge educated him on how he was subjecting thousands of people to this deadly virus and playing with their trust that using these fake coronavirus cure kits would heal them, he still didn’t accept it as a fraud.

Ludlow is also under severe fraud charges in the US but there are no reports if there is a similar situation in France. Ludlow will spend all his time of sentence indoors with only one hour in daylight.

The US officials confirmed that those who bought these fake coronavirus cure kits were asked to mix 18 ounces water in it and they say a prayer. After it, drink the half part of this mixture and take the remaining with a probiotic pill plus bee pollen.

The health officials say that this ‘coronavirus cure’ makes no sense. However, Ludlow sold these kits for $50 per kit to more than 400 people through contact in Utah. Some of these kits were sold for $200 per kit, says the affidavit tells.

There is no cure for coronavirus as this virus is relatively new. But researchers are trying to find something that relieves its symptoms and prevents from catching the virus in the first place. However, there is no news on when would this coronavirus vaccine and medicine will be finally here. Till then, people selling these fake coronavirus cures should be held accountable for fraud right in the middle of a severe health pandemic.



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